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Dubai is a shithole.

Yep its now official that the state of Dubai is a toilet, a sewage outlet of a nation. 

The Times reports: A noxious tide of toilet paper, raw sewage and chemical waste has transformed Dubai’s most prestigious stretch of shoreline into a foul-smelling health hazard.

A stretch of the exclusive Jumeirah Beach — a magnet for Western tourists and home to a string of hotels — has been closed.

“It’s a cesspool. Our tests show too many E. coli to count. It’s like swimming in a toilet,” said Keith Mutch, the manager of the Offshore Sailing Club, which has posted warnings and been forced to cancel regattas.

Although toilet humour aside I call it a shithole due to it being run by a bunch of stoneage mullahs, clerics and jihadists who's concept of "justice" makes the Old Testament seem liberal.

Like their support of gay rights issues for example:
DUBAI — More than two dozen gay men — arrested at what police called a mass homosexual wedding — could face government-ordered hormone treatments, five years in jail and a lashing, authorities said yesterday.
The men are likely to be tried on charges related to adultery and prostitution, said Interior Ministry spokesman Issam Azouri. ...
“Because they’ve put society at risk they will be given the necessary treatment, from male hormone injections to psychological therapies,” he said. ...
If some of the men are determined to be deficient in male hormones, they could be ordered to undergo hormone treatment, Azouri said.
Azouri suggested that other countries with laws based on religion, including Christianity and Judaism, also ban gay behaviour and marriage.
“It’s not about freedom of opinion, it’s about respecting religion which forbids this type of behaviour,” he said.
Or barring tennis player Shahar Peer on race grounds. Oh and they also have a problem with books as well
Geraldine Bedell’s book The Gulf Between Us was greeted with enthusiasm by organisers because of its setting in the Middle East, but the mood changed swiftly when they discovered a gay character.
Yep its homosexuality again. If only that gay character was flogged or given hormone treatment to "cure it" then maybe they would not have banned the book.

Then they jail women for adultury based on no real evidence as I covered here.
A British mother who was on the run in Dubai after being found guilty of adultery has been jailed after handing herself into police... Teaching assistant Marnie Pearce now faces the prospect of never seeing her two young children again.
So after swimming in the turd filled waters off the Dubai coast, you know that reading the wrong book, being gay or being a falsely accused woman could bring you into conflict with the stone age turds running the Sharia legal system in Dubai.

Needless to say - but I shall anyway - Dubai is off my holiday list, the thought of 80 lashes for the crime of asking for some gin with my tonic puts me off going there. 

4 people have spoken:

Dr. Dave said...

I pretty much figured the entire Middle East was a shit hole, but scientific proof is always helpful, too.

Fidothedog said...

Well I think that floating turds is as good as it gets.

Screech said...

Barry Island?/Dubai? Barry Island?/Dubai? Not sure where the greater number of turds would be congregated, on or OFF the shoreline. If you were to go by ratio, i think Barry would win hands down for most uneducated, medieval savages per square inch.

Fidothedog said...

Now Barry Island, crap fun park it may be.

Filled with inbreds, strange eyed creatures suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome, chavs, roiders and other types out for a piss up an a fight.

Although in Barry you will only lose your head if someone spikes your drink in the local.

However in Dubai thats entertainment after Friday prayers.