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Life in Gordon Browns socialist "Cool Britannia"

Labour was last night accused of secretly plotting to raise extra cash from millions of households with a nationwide council tax revaluation.

The Government has quietly renewed a multi-million pound deal with one of Britain’s leading property websites to access details of sale prices and floorplans of tens of thousands of homes.

Tories claimed ministers had been ‘caught red-handed’ preparing for a nationwide reassessment of property values if they win the next election.

Police use CCTV to watch themselves - to see who fails to wash up.
Police have installed a CCTV camera in their own canteen to catch officers who don't wash up.

After numerous complaints from tidy officers, police chiefs finally decided to address the 'abuse' and have arranged for a CCTV camera to be installed above the kitchen sink.

The 800 police constables who use the kitchen have dubbed the scheme 'grimewatch' and are said to be furious at being watched over on their breaks.

The fourth floor kitchen at the police station in John Street, Brighton, has been plagued by rubbish, litter, spilled food and dirty crockery since a recent refurbishment.

Police officers were told about the plan for a camera this week by new police commander Graham Bartlett.

Police chiefs said the CCTV camera was a 'deterrent' to stop officers leaving dirty plates, cups and takeaway wrappers to litter the station kitchen.
This is the state of policing here in the UK, now I could suggest that they maybe get the WPC's to do it but that would be classed as sexist. (Cue lawsuits and lots of emotional crying from female officers). However a solution is at hand, you see the modern police farce sorry force has PCSO's. The Police Community Support Officers which are about as much use as tits on a bull, so what better way to help the community than wash a few dishes.

Lets face it they do fuck all else of use.

Britain is the rail 'rip-off' capital of Europe when it comes to train fares, with some tickets costing four times more than they do on the continent. 

Rail-users are having to fork out more money on fares in a system that is 'complicated and not logical', said a passenger watchdog.

The report was commissioned by the Government and reveals that Britons, particularly those in London and the south-east of England, were being ripped off when it came to short-notice trips.
Sleazy Tessa Jowell still spends time with "former husband" who takes bribes from Berlusconi.
Tessa Jowell 'still loves' her estranged husband and spends most weekends with the convicted bribe taker, it emerged yesterday.

David Mills, 64, was given a jail sentence in his absence on Tuesday, for accepting £350,000 from Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi in return for giving false testimony at two trials.

Olympics Minister Miss Jowell, 61, announced her separation from Mills three years ago, as news of the charges against him, and her close involvement in his finances, emerged.
Of course she only distanced herself to save her political career, she knew exactly what was happening an should have been facing charges with him.

Gordon Brown yesterday signalled fresh tax cuts could be on the way, as he claimed a move towards economic recovery is possible 'within the next few months'.
So after years as Chancellor raising taxes and creating non jobs, he claims that this particular one eyed leopard claims he can change his spots.

He is going to cut taxes by printing money, then raise new taxes elsewhere or up the old taxes later on.

Public borrowing ballooned to a record £67.2 billion in the nine months to January, official figures showed today.
The dire figures put Chancellor Alistair Darling's Pre-Budget forecasts of £78 billion in borrowing for the year to April - already revised upwards once - under threat.

The data also showed the impact of a deepening recession on Government tax receipts.
Wankers, inept money wasting wankers. Happily spunking cash up against the wall by the billion.

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