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Life in Gordon's "Cool Britannia" - Its getting worse by the day.

First up British jobs for anyone from the EU, illegals etc etc.
Foreign workers are taking a greater share of British jobs than ever, it emerged last night.

They now hold more than 3.8million jobs - 13 per cent of the total. In 1997, when Labour came to power, people born outside the UK held only two million jobs, 7.5 per cent of the workforce.

The figures are an acute embarrassment for Gordon Brown, who was under renewed attack last night over his promise to deliver 'British jobs for British workers'. Tories said there 'cannot be anyone left in Britain' who believes the 2007 pledge.
Pubs ordered to snoop on customers or lose their licences
Big Brother-style plans to force pubs to install CCTV cameras raise ‘serious privacy concerns’, the surveillance watchdog has warned.

Police are telling pubs, clubs, restaurants and off-licences they will not support their licensing applications unless they agree to train the intrusive cameras on their customers.

Owners also have to promise to hand over to the police any CCTV footage requested.
Gordon Brown's claim to have clamped down on bonuses at Royal Bank of Scotland was under fire today after it emerged some payouts have simply been delayed - and could amount to an extra £600million.

Despite the Government declaring bonuses at the part-nationalised bank had been slashed to the 'absolute legal minimum', many will just be deferred.

The Treasury and RBS have refused to confirm the value of the delayed payouts, but they could take the total of bonuses for 2008 close to the £1billion proposed originally.

The extra payments will be postponed for three years and will not be paid in cash or shares, but rather subordinated debt.
This means it is last in line to be repaid if the company collapses.
Harriet Harman is positioning herself for a leadership contest in the event of Gordon Brown losing the next election, it was claimed yesterday.

One senior Labour figure claimed she was out of control and 'sucking up' to trades unions and party members.
Pikeys to get homes - they get the first Olympic gold.
Olympics chiefs are spending nearly £2million to requisition a travellers' camp and rehouse its inhabitants.

The travellers are being moved into luxury homes on an exclusive gated development with driveways big enough for a car and caravan.

Their camp is needed to build a handball arena for the 2012 Games in East London. It is the latest example of how the Olympics budget has spiralled to £9.3billion, four
times the original estimate.
Who cares right its only taxpayers money, we can always tax them more..said Gordon the one eyed Scottish idiot; whilst eating snot and pissing his trousers.

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