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Lost former Labour Clr Mohammed Najib - A latter day Scarlet Pimpernel - The Return.

Well the latest episode in the ongoing saga of former Labour Clr Mohammed Najib.

The councillor who was wanted by the fine boys and gals in the local plod on charges of election fraud went and done a bunk.

In my first post I reported he had scarpered and police thought he had headed back to Pakistan. Link to first post.

Then I reported that he had crept out with a claim that he was "ill" in Pakistan and would be back shortly:Link to second post.

Then he was spotted by a sharp eyed viewer on David Dickinson's The Real Deal:Link to 3rd post on the elusive Najib.

Now according to the Halifaxcourier he is back.
FORMER councillor Mohammed Najib is back in Calderdale – and determined to clear his name.

He says his good character was tarnished when it was revealed he failed to answer bail in September over vote-rigging allegations.

Mr Najib, pictured at his home in Milton Place, Pellon, Halifax, said the claims were unfounded and he had good reason to miss his bail date – he was critically ill in Pakistan.

He said police knew his whereabouts and were kept informed. Mr Najib came back to Halifax on Monday night and his solicitor, Chris Haddock, has arranged for him to answer his bail tomorrow.

"The allegations are total rubbish and I hope the truth will come out," said Mr Najib.

"I have made a big contribution to this society and I did not run away. I am here to serve the people of Calderdale. I was born for others and that is how I have lived and I will continue to live that way." Mr Najib went to the Kashmir region of Mirpur in August and intended to return in mid-September.

"But I developed medical problems and could hardly move," he said. "My internal mechanisms stopped working. I was critically ill. I wanted to come back but was too ill."

He says he spent 10 weeks in hospital and ran up hefty medical bills.
Mr Najib was treated for heart, stomach and lower-back problems.

Mr Najib, who has two sons in Halifax – Ilyas and Nadim – was Calderdale's first Asian councillor and lost his Labour seat in Park ward last year after 22 years.

"I want to see what life is like outside the council," he said. "But I will continue to work for the community."

Police said: "We are investigating an allegation of election fraud following last year's elections.

"In May a man was arrested on suspicion of aiding and abetting personation. He was bailed pending further inquiries."
We shall wait and see...

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