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Michael Phelps - Kelloggs are forgetting their history.

He made a bit of an error in getting his photo taken having a smoke. Now other than that can we stop all this he has let the little kiddies down shyte.

His crime if we can call it that is to have smoked some weed. Something that even a former US President did, although Mr Phelps has not come up with the crap about not inhaling.

He did the normal thing of putting his hand up and saying sorry- frankly I care not if he is bonged off his tits each night or not - and attempted to draw a line under it. As a swimmer he is rather good as the hoard of medals he has gathered in shows.

I wonder how many of the folk out there claiming to be upset by his actions also voted for the man who claimed not to have inhaled, as well as voting for the former coke head and drunk who came after him.

As for Kellogg's dropping him that a knee jerk reaction. Quite bizarre given the fact that one of the inventors of Kellogg's a John Harvey Kellogg was in favour of eugenics. Setting up the aptly named Race Betterment Foundation, which became a major center of the new eugenics movement in America.

He also was in favor of racial segregation and believed that immigrants and non-whites would damage the gene pool. 

Still a company which was run by a repressed chap with a problem with immigrants and a follower of eugenics taking the moral high ground over dope is rather amusing.

Maybe we should drop Kellogg's due to what one of the founding brothers of that company got upto....

5 people have spoken:

Sue said...

I can't find the facebook site you were talking about. Any links?

Fidothedog said...

Doh, bloody forgot to post this.


The Scumbag said...

Also ironic that corn flakes are major munchies fodder..

Word ver = unlit very appropriate ;o)

banned said...

I am Shocked and Horrified at this innapropriate behaviour which will not be tolerated.
Does that tick all the right boxes and make me Righteous ?

Northman said...

You must remember that this is America you're talking about. This is a country filled with childish and hypocritical assholes who have nothing to do but worry about what others are doing. 1/3 of the people here will literally raise their head up from the line of coke on the hooker's ass just long enough to chastise phelps for being a poor role model and tell their child to stay out of the dirty needle pile. Another third have to take time out from blasting gays for doing something they don't like (they don't know what but they don't like it) behind their own closed doors. These are people who just protect priests who touch children's bums and pretend everything is rosey while they cheat on each other in their perfect suburban life. If America had 75% less people (not chosen at random) we would be a great country! Idiots!