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MP's twitter cash waste.

The Government has been accused of a 'grotesque waste of public money' after it was disclosed that a senior civil servant is to be paid up to £160,000 a year to encourage colleagues and Ministers to use social networking sites such as Facebook.

A new post - Director of Digital Engagement - is being created, despite Gordon Brown's promise to cut bureaucratic waste last year by shedding thousands of Whitehall jobs.

The salary, which is only slightly less than the Prime Minister earns, was seized on by critics last night as a further sign of ministers' obsession with the internet, despite the fact that millions of people, particularly the elderly, have no access to a computer..

So the state is to employ someone to get MP's twittering away and issueing soundbites from Party HQ as nice handy comments online. Now is not duplicating what the MP already puts out on their website. 

But seriously hiring an advisor on how to use Twitter, for fucks sake just how stupid are MP's that they need that sort of nannying? 

Still whilst the country go's to shit and bloated Gordon shoves ever more food down his gullet, at least we can all sign on happy that the local Labour MP is being advised on how to resolve problems with Twitter.


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Dazed and Confused said...


I would imagine that the last thing you want to here is Comrade Flynn "Twittering" as he talks enough shite on the blogsphere for the the rest of the Labour party put together.

I do still remember his words from a few weeks back (Just after Gordon had "saved the world" and his one eyed poll ratings had struggled above 20% for the first time in donkeys Years) - Flynn, ever the arrogant old twat, confidently predicted - and I quote "Comfortable Labour majorities" for both himself and Jessica Mordon when an election took place.

Oh I would so love to see a "Portillo moment" in Newport - and given the old Commies age, perhaps it would precede a lack of heartbeat moment, swiftly followed by an ambulance moment as he was carted of to Bupa for his private health care, like of course all good champagne Socialists deserve. - Allegedly.

I can but dream!

Anonymous said...

I wonder who is going to to teach the twat, that's going to teach the twats, how to use twitter?

And how much will this twatting twitter twat be paid? It's never fucking ending!

Jobs for the boys (sorry meant to type cunts there) but not for the normal hard working people of this country, of course.

And wouldn't it be a much better idea to share out the £160k to, say, 640,000 pensioners to help pay their winter energy bills? Pound to a pinch of shite that the elderly would prefer this than learning how to twatter!

Oldrightie said...

I would dearly love to know how many millions are paid to Civil Servants to do purely Labour/Brown jobs.

Anonymous said...

"£160,000 a year [SNIP]A new post - Director of Digital Engagement .."

Have digit, willing to engage it in the right spot for £160,000 pa.