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New Labour - Champagne socialism in action.

First up some nest feathering from the banana wielding Foreign Secretary David Miliband:

Change of ownership to help avoid taxes.
Foreign Secretary David Miliband was at the centre of a riddle over his stake in a £2million property empire last night after an apparent sudden change in the ownership of one of his three houses.

The Mail on Sunday has established Mr Miliband has made a substantial profit in 12 years through a series of highly complex house deals.

Some have involved a complicated series of legal manoeuvres involving his brother, Energy Secretary Ed Miliband and their mother Marion.

Experts say the arrangements are similar to those used legally by some people to avoid paying inheritance and capital gains tax.
So our socialist brother is using a legal dodge to avoid paying taxes that would be wisely spent by the state to help the proletariat.

But what about spreading the wealth comrade Miliband? Oh I forget whilst condeming city bonuses and corporate greed this champagne swilling socialist dodges tax.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith came under further pressure last night after Labour MPs staged a revolt over her ‘second home’ expenses claims.

Three openly criticised her for claiming at least £116,000 in expenses by telling Commons officials that her second home is the family house in her Midlands constituency – not her sister’s house in South London where she rents a room.

In a new blow, Stroud Labour MP David Drew suggested it was wrong for MPs to claim their London lodgings were their ‘main homes’.

And he revealed that he and a number of other Labour MPs had given up expensive second homes in London and were staying in hotels instead – to save taxpapers’ money.
Whilst so so many others having feathered their nest for many a year are now standing there bleating on about how she is letting the team down, point scoring having done similar scams for many a year themselves.

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Anonymous said...

"Mr Miliband has [snip] a complicated series of legal manoeuvres involving his brother, Energy Secretary Ed Miliband .."

Nepotism and corruption.

We are fucked!