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Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed/Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

So lets see if I have this right, this Lord who invites terror suspects to meet him at Parliament, has a problem with someone else speaking in that self same Parliament.

Not only does he have a problem with opposing view points that he threatened to mobilize 10,000 Muslims to prevent Mr. Wilders from entering the House and threatened to take the colleague who was organizing the event to court.

Then has the nerve to turn up on TV and argue that he is on the side of democracy, right and next he will be arguing that the terrorists on 7/7 had an "identity crisis". Oh yes I see he already has argued that point.

Of course our spineless government has taken what they see as the easy way out. Never mind that at a stroke they have added thousands more people to Geert Wilders point of view, they have been perceived as weak willed towards standing up to Islamic barbarism.

Upon Geert Wilders' arrival at Heathrow Airport, he was presented with a letter from Britain's Home Office saying that his opinions "threatenen community security." - Although I would consider a barbarian peer meeting with jihadists and threatening to bring a mob of 10,000 howling Islamoloons to be more of a threat?

Maybe the bovine faced expense fiddler Jacqui Smith, our Home Sec. could explain the difference?...

Lets just hope that on the 25th of Feb our fat moslem Lord gets send down, although maybe he will threaten the court with 10,000 rampaging moslem barbarians after all its not first time he has used that threat...

On 25 December 2007, Lord Ahmed was injured in a crash on the M1 motorway near Rotherham in which Martin Gombar, 28, was killed. Mr Gombar's vehicle had stopped in the outside lane of the motorway, and although he had initially left his vehicle, he had returned to retrieve his mobile phone, rather than use an emergency telephone on the hard shoulder to call the police, when his car was hit by Lord Ahmed's Jaguar X-Type. Lord Ahmed's wife and mother, who were passengers in his car, also received minor injuries.

On 1 December 2008, Lord Ahmed appeared at Sheffield Magistrates' Court in connection with a charge of dangerous driving. Lord Ahmed admitted sending and receiving five text messages on his phone while driving shortly before the crash, and pleaded guilty to the charge before him. He was banned from driving until his sentencing. On 22 December, Sheffield Magistrates' Court referred the case for sentencing at the crown court on 19 January due to its "aggravating features".This was later put back until 25 February. Lord Ahmed faces a maximum of two years in jail.

Our worthless Home Sec. has disgraced the so called "mother of all Parliaments", removed once and for all under fascist New Labour the right of free expression. It has been known that Islam has received preferential treatment, now that is there for all to see.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband fresh from his fiasco in India defended the decision to ban Wilders. While Britain was totally committed to free speech he said it would use legislation to exclude anyone who came to incite racial and religious hatred. Unless they happen to be a loudmouthed moslem Labour peer he added quietly, stating that the jiziya had in this case been paid to Lord Ahmed and his hoard of 10,000 barbarians.

Lord Ahmed shows he is a typical follower of the desert bandit and child rapist Mohammed.


9 people have spoken:

polaris said...

Spot on my friend - nice comparison with the evil Baron, appropriate in so many ways...

Sue said...

I'm furious too!

Houdini said...

On radio Ahmed, not lord as I didn't ennoble the cunt, says that Wilders is racist...so being a fucking ragheaded muslim cunt is a race? He got that wrong and no fucker put him straight. He also said that Wilders is currently under threat of being convicted of a crime so isn't fit to come to the UK...this from the fucker that may go to jail for killing somebody for dangerous driving!

I'm thinking of making a video of me wiping my arse, repeatedly, day on day, on the koran until I reach the end. Where can I get one and do you fancy helping me?

Fidothedog said...

Houdini I have far to much respect for my ring piece to put a koran near it so count me out on that one!

ZYKLON-B said...

I´ve been following bbc bullshit & sky wank packet in europe?
Only the pravda have reported it on c fax in the way they do?????
Honestly we do it,or we do´nt
tears for fears;I cant stand this indiscision married with a blackout vision!
The fuckers are pumped up for a fight?
Koala hurt his foot?

Kippers Dickie said...

Sue said "I'm furious too!"
So am I, I'm F***ing livid.
As Geert has been turned back today at Heathrow, I've written again to Dominic Grieve, my MP, to express my anger. The Conservatives have remained silent on this issue so far, but it is not good enough.
Write, write, write to them, it's one of the ways to get the message over. (and easy on the web as the MP have sites with forms just waiting to be filled in) Do it.

Sue said...


This is what the Government turn a blind eye to. They should heed Geert Wilders warning!

Anonymous said...

WTF is it with these mad madhi's?

If they can't read or write in English, what is the point of making a fool of themselves by holding up placards full of spelling mistakes?

Anonymous said...

Stopping Geert Wilders at the airport is going to hurt alot of people in positions of power but it won't hurt Geert Wilders one bit. First off it's going to hurt the Labour Government,they look cowardly and craven and anti-free speech. Wich is good because that's what they are it's just alot more people know it now. It also makes it look like they were lying when they said couldn't keep people from E.U. nations out (rapists,murderers,ect) because clearly they could they just didn't feel like it. I mean it's not like rapists can hurt Labour MP's they live in fancy places with proper security so who cares right? And finialy it hurts the Dutch government. The reason the Dutch foriegn minister was trying to get Geert in wasn't because he likes likes Geert or could care less about free speech or respecting elected Dutch officials. It's because the goofbat Leftist government know that if he's banned from the U.K. it just strengthens his aruguement about the whole of Europe in danger of being taken over by Muslims. They don't like the truth.

(1) So Geert gets a fresh round of publicity in the Netherlands.(2) More people are aware of what kind of a government Labour is. (3)Muslims look like asshats for kicking such a fuss.(4) And all in time to be used in the upcomming E.U. elections.

Bad guys 0
good guys 4