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Some Geert Wilders photo's.

Hat tip to atlas shrugs
The Home Secretary Jaqui Smith who(aside from having a fat arse and fiddling her expenses and eating kebabs with a police escort...) barred Wilders entry (see letter) has renamed Islamic terrorism 'anti-Islamic activity'and has will welcomed the most violent Islamic radicals while simultaneously banned Jews.
Geert stated that Gordon Brown was the "biggest coward in Europe." - The BBC quotes the moslem peer Baron Ahmed aka Vladimir Harkonnen yet fails to mention his criminal charges(see post below this)
A Geert Wilders site in English @ http://www.geertwilders.nl/

If you wish to see the film Fitna, the English Version can be found on this link: Download the English version of Fitna here.

Right click on the link, then choose "Save Target As" and it will download onto your hard drive.

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2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Fairplay to the bloke for still trying to enter the UK.

Disappointed but totally un-fucking-surprised he was refused entry.

Free speech?
Fuck off Gordon, we are only free to do exactly as you dictate to us.

We are all so fucked!

Debbie said...

Gordon Brown is an anti-semite, I have it first hand from a schoolmate of his.

The UK IS GONE, done for, toast.

America is not far behind with Barack Hussein Obama in charge.

There are very few brave souls like Wilders. Send him to the US while we still have half a brain.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth