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Well done - shoe thrown at Chinese PM Wen Jiabao

From the Pravda sorry the impartial BBC site: link
A protester has thrown a shoe at Wen Jiabao during a speech at Cambridge University and called the Chinese prime minister a "dictator".

The shoe landed about a metre away from Mr Wen and the protester, a young man, was then removed by security guards.

Mr Wen, who earlier signed a series of trade agreements with Gordon Brown on the final day of a three-day UK visit, described the incident as "despicable".

Protests have taken place about human rights and Tibet during his visit.

**I would describe his nations activities as despicable, along with that of the one eyed fat bloated trouser pissing PM who is fawning all over this petty eastern potentate. 

Lets just hope someone lobs a shoe at cyclops Brown...

2 people have spoken:

CW said...

You UKers not only speak funny, but your emphasis on football means that you throw like girls, even your cricket bowlers now throw like girls. Get a Yank at the next UK venue where Wen Jiabao will speak and he'll toss a strike.




Fidothedog said...

Yeah I saw the clip an that bloke threw a poor shoe.