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70% oppose higher beer taxes.

In a related pub post the Axethebeertax site has a poll showing that 70% of people are opposed to higher taxes on their tipple.

Maybe the sheeple are waking up to the fact that taxes do not help the problem drinkers, that it is nothing to do with a health issue or anything other than state taxing. 

Look its simple Gordon is social engineering, he a puritanical "one eyed Scottish idiot" -© -Jeremy Clarkson - and he thinks that the demon drink should be banned. 

His followers in Labour see themselves as the "elite", champagne swilling socialists who mock the lifestyles of the working class, hate all they stand for and think they know best.

Most people believe the Government should do more to support local communities, including pubs, with 70% opposing plans to increase beer tax in the forthcoming Budget, according to an opinion poll published today. 

The survey, carried out by ComRes, also shows that more than eight out of 10 people believe that community spirit and values are under threat in Britain today, and that the local pub and a pint of beer are important symbols of the British way of life. 

The results are published at the start of a week when MPs are due to meet five Ministers to raise their concerns about the about the increasing rate of pub closures - running at nearly six a day - and the threat of 75,000 job losses in the beer and pub industry. 

A large number of MPs are expected to quiz Ministers at a meeting in Parliament on Wednesday 4 March organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group 

155 MPs - including 74 Labour and 47 Liberal Democrats - have now signed a parliamentary motion (EDM10) calling on Government to axe plans to increase beer tax in the Budget and to take measures to support local pubs. 

The headline results of the poll, carried out by ComRes between 20 th and 22 ndFebruary 2009, are: 

-       83% say community spirit and values under threat - and 54% say they are less evident than 10 years ago; 
-       76% say Government does not do enough to support elements of local communities; 
-       63% believe that the local pub is an important element of local communities - while six in ten people say a pint of beer and local pubs are symbols of the British way of life. 
-       70% say increase in beer tax above inflation in current circumstances is unjustified. 

The "Axe the Beer Tax, Save the Pub" campaign ( www.axethebeertax.com ) was launched by the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) and Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) in November last year.  It is supported by a range of organisations across the industry, including the Unite trade union, and already has has 25,000 individual supporters. 

Rob Hayward, Chief Executive of the BBPA, said: 

"These results confirm what we have long believed.  The British public is deeply concerned about the decline of local communities, and the rapid closure of pubs is an important part of that. 

"The British beer and pub industry supports 650,000 jobs and makes a vital contribution to the British economy.  Yet it has been hit by a succession of tax increases alongside more and more regulation.  Nearly six pubs are closing every day across the country, and thousands of jobs are being lost. 

"Overwhelmingly, the public agrees that given the present economic  circumstances the Government would be wrong to continue with its plans to increase beer tax further in this April's Budget, and we urge Ministers to listen to the public. 

"Thousands of people have registered their support for our 'Axe the Beer Tax, Save the Pub' campaign, and through its website on www.axethebeertax.com have been lobbying their local MP on the issue." 

Mike Benner, Chief Executive of CAMRA, said: 

"Our campaign has been gaining momentum day by day.  More than 25,000 people have signed up and 12,000 have lobbied their MP to express their concern about the decline of the British beer and pub industry. 

"More than 150 MPs have also joined our call for the planned beer tax increase this April to be axed, and many of them will be putting their views directly to Ministers this week. 

"This time last year, the Government announced its plans to increase beer tax but the economic circumstances have changed beyond recognition in that time.  It is time for the Government to think again in order to save the Great British Pub." 

For more information, please visit the campaign website at www.axethebeertax.com.

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Oldrightie said...

It's Labour policy to crack down on illegal gatherings in pubs where people can talk about what shit the Government of all the snouts has become.

Fidothedog said...

Partly that, plus the need to tax, the need to regulate...