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New Labour social engineering - City all-important - and 'rest of the country can be turned over to tourism'

A report on defence spending quotes the “influential” official as telling union officials that manufacturing had “no value” but the financial sector had to be “supported at all costs”.
The alleged comments, made before the collapse of Northern Rock but only now made public, appear to shed new light on the Government’s decision to press ahead with a £1.3 trillion bail-out of the banking sector while being criticised for doing too little to support industry.
After all all they need to do is re-create the same credit bubble and get everyone buying imported goods from Japan in a boom based on ever expanding house prices. After all what could go wrong? Remember he saved the World er the banks....
The report by the UK National Defence Association (UKNDA), an independent body, quotes the government adviser as saying: “Defence, aerospace, manufacturing and engineering have no real value to us.

“Only high-quality professional services, financial services and the City of London have any real value and they should be supported at all costs. The rest of the country can be turned over to tourism.”
So no defence, no development, no research, no patents just lots of failed spivs who followed government advise and crashed their banks by over extending credit to poor people. Whilst the rest have to put on shows for tourists, dressed in rags with begging bowls out.
The report, which highlighted a £15 billion shortfall in defence spending, will lead to intense speculation over the identity of the unnamed government adviser.

Dr Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, said: “If these comments are true, then it lays bare the contempt this government has for the defence industries, which play an important role in supporting British exports and British jobs.
It just shows what I have always said about Gordon, that he like all new age communists is a snot gobbling coward who thinks all the worlds problems can be resolved with a group hug and a benefits cheque sent to Gaza.
“It also explains why defence was notably left out of the Government’s fiscal stimulus package - unlike in other countries, such as France and Germany, which brought forward some of their defence spending, Gordon Brown’s government has actually delayed major projects such as the aircraft carriers. There has long been a suspicion that Gordon Brown and his closest advisers had an anti-defence bias; now we have this confirmed.”
Paul Kenny, the general secretary of the GMB union, described the comment as “an appalling statement”, which “mocked” hard-working people in the manufacturing sector.
Even the "brothers are miffed".
A spokesman for the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) pointed out that the Manufacturing Strategy, launched in September last year, committed the Government to “a mixed and balanced economy where manufacturing activities complement services”.
The UKNDA report, which was previewed in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph, was written by Tony Edwards, a former head of defence export services at the Ministry of Defence, who said he was not at liberty to disclose the identity of the official.
The report has been endorsed by patrons, including Lord Owen and two former chiefs of the defence staff, Lord Guthrie and Sir Peter Harding.
What the fuck is that not at liberty shit? If someone on the state payroll says that he should have the guts to stand up for his views in public.

Just one question to the arsehole who said this, if the rest of the country is to be turned over to tourism do I get a rebate on my morris dancing suit? 

Also for a government that wants to encourage tourism they are letting pubs go to the wall at over 5 a week.

Can we start garroting Labour politicians yet?

3 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

just lots of failed spivs who followed government advice

The same spivs now advising Brown.

Screech said...

If they're going to fuck us up the arse, the least they could do is pull our hair....what are the odds that SOMEONE in the right place will strategically name this unknown adviser and throw him to the hounds when the time is right to once again "bury bad news"?

Anonymous said...

Can't the City of London become an independent sovereign state like Luxembourg and the Labour party MPs and their spongers and assorted hangers on move there?

The rest of the country can then be turned over to the honest hard working decent folk.