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Another day another Labour screw up.

Tax money to promote faith go's to humanists.
Taxpayers' money intended for faith groups is being used to fund a campaign against Christianity.

The cash is supposed to be used to build 'faith communities' but has been given to a controversial group accused of aggressively promoting atheism.

Opposition MPs said funding for the British Humanist Association - whose president is left-wing Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee - was 'scandalous'.
We should be leaving religion in all its forms alone, not funding it or organisations against it.

The motor industry acknowledged last night that it was fighting for survival as figures showed car production fell by nearly 60 per cent in a year.

Output of commercial vehicles slumped even more sharply, down by nearly three-quarters.

The figures comparing last month with February 2008 are the worst of their kind since 1970, says the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.
No.3: Socialist mismanagement of the NHS leads to low cancer survival rates in the UK.
Britain has not done enough to boost cancer survival rates and will fail to hit a target to match the success of other European countries by 2010, experts claimed yesterday.

It is optimistic to expect the gap to be closed by the deadline because progress is too slow, according to medical journal The Lancet Oncology.

At least £2billion extra was spent at the start of the Government's Cancer Plan, rising to a total of £4.35billion in 2006/07 in England.

Despite the tripling of investment in cancer care in Britain over the past decade there has been no striking improvement in survival in a system 'riddled with bureaucracy', says cancer specialist Professor Karol Sikora.
Direct link here folks, vote Labour then don't fall ill with cancer. They claimed that the NHS is safe in their hands, safe for jobsworths, safe for quango's, administrators, stats counters, overpaid non jobs. 

Safe for patients and safe bollocks.

Ernst & Young forecasts that net borrowing will rise to £180bn in the forthcoming tax year and will exceed the chancellor's own prediction.

It said that "The public finances are continuing to deteriorate at an alarming rate and as the economy continues to shrink, the outlook is bleak,"

Adding that Gordon Brown was "An inept dim witted cunt who is unable to add basic maths on a fucking abacus. A odious bloated whale of a man, waddling his way from crisis to crisis and blaming everyone else for his mistakes."

The PM "Surrounds himself you boot licking yes men and women who care more for their short term prospects than that of the nation, all who know that the slightest sign of disagreement will lead to their cabinet post being removed."

A spokesperson for Ernst added "We are just so fucking screwed."

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