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Public Health Mentors - Alan Johnson adopts nazi style mentors.

Yet more state snooping on the part of New Labour, Rafael Behr who recently wrote in The Grauniad here about how wonderful everything was in Labour's "Cool Britannia" must be so so proud.

Part of what he said was that we did not have a snooper state, well fuck me like Lord Ahmed might well have been during his 16 days or so inside prison; it looks like the snooper state has arrived as this shows.
Public health "mentors" will be enlisted by the NHS to offer 'on the spot' advice in their local neighbourhood when they see people smoking, eating or drinking too much.

The Government hopes that the volunteers will help to get across its messages on healthy living in a new and influential way but the plans have been criticised as evidence of the creeping 'nanny state'.
Oh for fucks sake, not content with pissing about with crappy cartoons on the telly about how all the nations kids are one sweet away from a sodding stroke. Not content with constant anti smoking adverts, cockwhaffle about meaningless booze units now this.
Speaking at the Royal Society of Arts yesterday , Alan Johnson, the Health Secretary, said mentors could be "amazingly successful" and that he hoped that they could revolutionise the nation's health.
I wonder who these unpaid experts will be, probably the sort of nanny state wannabe that failed even the basic crayon and colouring test needed to become a Blunkett Bobbie PCSO(Police Community Support Officer).

A curtain twitching fuckwit who probably calls the police every time he or she  sees a black man getting out of a van on their street, not that they are racist, heaven forbid but well they are strangers and better safe than sorry.
The mentors, who as volunteers are not paid, are expected to work to influence the people around them, offering advice to workmates, family and friends about how they should change their unhealthy habits.
So how exactly after being nagged are they expected to remove their clipboard and leaflets from up their arsehole?
Eating a third fried breakfast of the week in the office canteen, having a drink 'for the road' at your local pub or chain-smoking another cigarette while waiting for the bus could all see the mentors spring into action to offer the Government's advice.
Bejesus fucking wept, have we just transported back in time 20 years to East fucking Germany? Should I or anyone choose to have one for the road that is up to them. 
A spokesman for the Department of Health said that it was hoped that mentors would spread the word among "people they come in contact with on a daily basis, including their friends and neighbours, and also be able to point them to NHS services, such as smoking cessation services".
Ministers are concerned that some people are turned off by its traditional methods of advising on public health, including large-scale advertising drives such as the recent £75 million Change4Life campaign.
Ministers at least the current poor shower of shit that hold that title lack the brains to organise a piss up in a brewery. People are pissed off with being nagged, do they really think that some beaky nosed state jobsworth with a badge, clipboard and the latest leaflets from the Ministry of Truth/Ministry of Health is going to change matters?
But critics warned that the public was increasingly being "nannied" over their health. The latest example of this was a nursery in Essex where toddlers were told to badger their parents to stop smoking.
The same NHS trust has also been accused of using taxpayers' money to bribe pregnant women into giving up cigarettes, offering them £100 if they stop smoking.
WTF? So I assume that they have to sign some agreement and should they start up again they pay the £100 back, or is that just another spunking away of magical taxpayers cash? Ah what the hell Gordon will just print off some more money.
Martin Dockerell, from Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), the anti-smoking charity, said: "If you get the mentoring scheme right and if you manage to turn things around so it seems that healthy behaviour is not abnormal then that can be very powerful.
Gotcha, right Ash can shut the fuck up. First off as they are a fake charity, that is funded by the state - that is by us via our taxes:
So called Quango's/Charities designed to parrot HM Govt reports, exactly as they are doing here.
"If, however, you are trying to be the only mum on the estate whose kids don't go to McDonalds, or the only 19-year-old who doesn't drink in the park, then that is not going to work."

While some PCTs already use paid "health trainers" to help deliver its public health message, some are recruiting the volunteers and many more are expected to be enlisted.
Of course, national socialist health issues have to be exported and extolled to the masses. After all fascist campaigns like this have occurred before, Nazi Germany being one example: 
Tobacco was opposed by racial hygienists fearing the corruption of the German "germ plasm" (i.e., genetic material), by industrial hygienists fearing a reduction of people's capacity to work, by nurses and midwives fearing harm to the "maternal organism."
Has Alan Johnson been reading the old Monatsschrift für Krebsbekämpfung(Monthly Anti-Cancer Journal) that the Nazi's put out?

9 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Any volunteer who presumes to advise me in the privacy of my own pub will be crawling off like a crippled cunt once the locals have done with him/her.

Henry North London said...

Im going to borrow that picture.! And Im going to change it a little

I'll give you a link

Thanks for the inspiration

Fidothedog said...

Either, I can think of quite a few locals I would love to see NHS advisors pop into for a friendly chat with the inbreds.

Oldrightie said...

I'm trying to get a meme going on Snotty's trip to South America. That is to do a money laundering deal with The Cartels. The UK in hock to drug barons. Hop on board. Truth stranger than fiction?

Dazed and Confused said...

Have you Seen This?

In the name of political correctness, why doesnt Jacqui Smith act upon it? Or are Radical Islamists above New labour laws?

Aye We Can ! said...

I have no time for new labour, nor political correctness.

But with some knowledge of the Nazis, what they stood for and what they did - and of what the Swastika today symbolises - I do find your mock up poster mildly offensive

Nazis they aint - not even remotely close, thank god.

Svae ths for the real nazis - they are still out there

Fidothedog said...

Aye, they are headed the nazi route very fast: ID cards, unfair taxes, removal of liberties and freedoms, handing over of powers to unelected quango's/EU.

When they reform I will reform my opinion of them.

Although I think it may be more likely that they will increase censorship, thought crimes and those who disagree with Labour will end up like Dr David Kelly.

Anonymous said...

@Aye we can! I wouldn't be too sure about that. I watched the Yesterday TV Channel this morning which was all about the original Nazis & their initial restrictions looked disturbingly like Stasi NuLabour in action.

Anonymous said...

I've seen those health nazi's in the local city centre giving out advise about stopping smoking.

I smoke occasionally but the next time I'm in the city and seen any of those cretins, I'm going into the nearest newsagents, buy a 10 pack and smoke one of them in front of them just to noise them up.

That's the way to deal with bloody do-gooders, they'll get sick of wasting their efforts more than we do.