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Daniel Hannan still not shown on the BBC.

Complaint e-mail to marxist Beeboids:

The longer it takes before you show Daniel Hannans video on your main TV news shows the worse your reputation will become. True we already know that BBC news is little more than a Pravda style New Labour reporting machine, but some pretense at impartial reporting on occasions would be nice. 

Still the almost total lack of Conservative viewpoints, or any viewpoints other than that approved of by Alistair Campbell and Lord Mandelson tarnishes a once proud broadcasting record. The BBC made a decision to ignore what has become a worldwide phenomenon; in part because it reflects badly on the paymaster Gordon Brown and in part to show support for the ailing PM that the BBC adore. 

Sadly due to being funded by enforced taxation and threats of jail should I not fund your dire service, I have chosen instead to complain. Your fear of a Conservative future has been exposed as has your lack of morals and total lack of objectivity. I offer a full right of reply on www.newportcity.blogspot.com

Click here and register your complaint with the Pravda style BBC.

They claim to offer a reply within 10 days....Ten days and counting...

The Beebs reply, a piss poor reply but one none the less:
We're sorry if you felt that Daniel Hannan's recent speech in the European Parliament received insufficient coverage.

Choosing which stories to include in our bulletins is a subjective matter and one which we know not every viewer or listener will feel we get right every time.

That said, Mr Hannan was interviewed about his speech on both 'PM' and the BBC News Channel on 26 March and excerpts from his speech were played out. It's also worth noting his comment on 'PM' that he was "completely perplexed and slightly stunned" by the global reaction to it.

Earlier that day, 'The Daily Politics' ran a clip of the speech and a discussion with bloggers about the story. Mr Hannan was a guest on the programme when it broadcast an entire edition from Brussels the previous week and Andrew Neil also wrote about the speech on his blog:


Essentially the choice of which stories to cover is a judgement call rather than an exact science but we do appreciate the feedback when viewers and listeners feel we may have neglected a story.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact us.


BBC Complaints

10 people have spoken:

Henry North London said...

Have registered my complaint against Pravda

WV sockbi

Anonymous said...

Done and dusted. That's me on yet another list!

Dazed and Confused said...

At the latest count the Daniel Hannan vid has amassed 637,625 views, and there's an awful lot of anti Pravda sentiment in the comments section of the video itself.

This could well turn out to be a spectacular own goal by Pravda, but as anybody who disagrees with New Labour policy these days is quickly accused of extremism, the BBC will be loyally paraphrasing the actions of St Gordon until he's jackbooted from power......

The BBC must then quickly follow in their present guise.

Oldrightie said...

"the worse your reputation will become."

My take on these words is "the harder you will have to rub to polish a turd"!

Brewblogger said...

BBC did show a clip of the You Tube broadcast on the Politics Show this lunchtime (Thur) - but it was only a clip and the main event was Dolly Draper being told to shut up by Brillo Pad.

Mark Proctor said...

All we need now is a wave of videos putting music and titles to this, like some sort of badd ass movie trailer. Any takers?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

It finally got quite a spread inside Thursdays Telegraph, now at 960,000 views ( up half a million in 24 hours ) and will surley pass the 1 million mark this ( Friday )morning.

Anonymous said...

He got some coverage on News 24 but they arsed that up as well using some old data on the number of views. They claimed 750,000 when in fact it was up to 1.2m.

Fidothedog said...

Boom, thats the BBC ever the New Labour toadies.

ukipwebmaster said...

Hi All,

This is the other speech that preceded Daniel Hannan's:


There's also an interesting follow on:

How do you solve a problem like Daniel, Roger and Stuart?


and my favourite is - Failed politicians always go to heaven:


If you like please embed.