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Whats in your food

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From the BBC, a report by Denbighshire Trading Standards found that 21% of descriptions on menus were false. National pub chains were the worse with 47% making false descriptions as opposed to only 16% for independent pubs.
Amongst the misstruths were:
"Home made" soup - bought in frozen
"Local" sea bass - found to be farmed abroad
"Locally-farmed" turkey - came from a distance
"Cardigan Bay mackerel" - imported from abroad
"Welsh lamb casserole" - a ready meal and the lamb was not Welsh

Terms such as local, Welsh, fresh, traditional and homemade were found to be increasingly used on menus to encourage customers and attract premium prices.

Photo- a Zebu which appears on British pub menus as 'steak'

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

You are not keen on Weatherspoons are you !
I think the word bushmeat applies to monkeys and suchlike, with which conjugal relations apparrantly blessed Africa with HIV & Aids, nice.

Fidothedog said...

What I love the place, think Tim Martin is a fantastic bloke. God bless his supermarket in pubs clothing for putting hundreds of pubs out of business.