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Dawn Butler MP a thieving cunt an mad as a box of snakes.

First up some old stuff on her faking a letter from Obama(left)
Ms Butler, the MP for Brent South, confirmed that the poorly-punctuated tribute letter, which was posted on her website, had merely been signed by Mr Obama when the then-presumptive Democratic presidential candidate visited London last July.

The letter, which was printed on House of Commons headed paper, said: "Having met Dawn Butler MP I can see why she is one of only two black women in parliament...
Tory MP Nigel Evans said: “I’m surprised she hasn’t got the Pope and the Queen to write.”

Then when anyone dares question her she comes over all Ali G with the old "Is it cos I is black?" shit. As i Mentioned here.
'I thought people in Parliament would be progressive. It is still a shock that they are not,' she said. 'Over the past 400-plus years, the only black people - and black women in particular - in Parliament have been there to cook and clean. For some politicians, it's still a shock to come face to face with a black women with any real power. Racism and sexism is Parliament's dirty little secret.'
Blah blah blah, maybe she should call up her good pal Obama and complain!

Oh and her fiddling expenses for a 2nd home.
Dawn Butler, a junior whip, claimed almost her entire £23,000 allowance to help to pay for a second home in her constituency in northwest London. Opposition MPs demanded to know why she needed the taxpayer to help to buy another property when she could stay overnight in her family home in East London.

Ms Butler, who has a family home in Stratford, East London, and another in Wembley, in her Brent South constituency. The Stratford property is eight miles and a 24-minute Tube ride away from Westminster. The Wembley house, bought after the election, is nine miles and a 32-minute Tube ride away from the Houses of Parliament.
Classic champagne socialism in action. We pay for her home, whilst her government has created a fiscal shit storm that is costing people their homes.

Yes I know its legal, but still wrong in a moral sense. Although whats the odds she is a hypocrital class warrior who bangs on about the evil of Fred Goodwins pension whilst looting the system herself?

2 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Dawn Butler, a junior whip. Have Labour MPs no shame or dignity, being bossed around by a cunt like that ? The Horror.

No Dawn, not becuase you are a woman or because you is black but because you is a cunt and a thieving cunt at that.

Anonymous said...

If you look at her wiki entry she has gone the route of the typical Labour MP by greasing up the Trade Union ladder then moving up to Labour party politics:


I wonder if she has ever worked a day in her life to understand the problems of the working class? I think not.