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Duck terrorists arrested.

Well done the police for this one, after all you can never be to safe from terrorists. Al Quada anglers arrested
Three anglers were arrested for 'endangering aircraft' after their use of laser pens to frighten ducks away from their bait hooks was mistaken for a terror threat.
Remember Al Quada come with laser pens, along with a kaftan, fishing gear, semtex and bait for catching fish.

The three men had been enjoying an evening fishing by a lake when at least 10 officers arrived, confiscated their green laser pens and arrested them in front of other bewildered anglers.

They were then taken to a police station and two were held overnight, DNA tested, fingerprinted and then released without charge. The third man was released almost immediately.

Got to get those fishing Al Quada types on the dna database, thats a pat on the helmet from Jackboot Jacqui.

Mr Radomski, a delivery driver, said one police officer and two PCSOs arrived, confiscated the pens and took down the details of the three fishermen at a lake near Woodley, in Berkshire, on March 7.

Around 15 minutes later, a group of at least seven other police officers descended on the scene and made the three arrests...

He was interviewed by an officer from the 'terror squad' and told there had been an incident on February 26 when an airline pilot had complained of laser lights being directed onto his aircraft near Woodley.

**With the number of officers in attendance I guess the station poker game must have finished early.

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Neil said...

When are you going to publish the whole of your excellent "Police Book" on your blog - it cracks me up.

Fidothedog said...

Already done: http://newportcity.blogspot.com/2008/06/ladybird-easy-reading-book-people-at.html

Enjoy :-)

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I downloaded the whole book, brilliant; and posted a couple of links on police bloggs, just for fun.

Fidothedog said...

The police will love it, but PCSO's will get confused.