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Earth Hour: Lights to black up, sorry out.

Oh for fucking fucks sake, what is the sodding point of blacking up sorry blacking out the lights forEarth Hour....
Everyone has jumped on the hug a tree and fuck the public with eco taxes bandwagon, the brainwashing from the eco Nazi's is everywhere so to flick off the lights is pointless.

WALES’ largest castle, Caerphilly Castle, will join the Millennium Stadium and a list of iconic world landmarks in going dark later this month to mark WWF’s Earth Hour.

They will join some of the most recognised landmarks on the planet in switching off their lights at 8.30pm on Saturday, March 28, for 60 minutes....

The list of landmarks in Wales now confirmed to switch off their lights includes Castell Coch, Kidwelly castle, Cardiff Castle, the Millennium Stadium, the Senedd, Cardiff City Hall , St David’s Hotel, and many more are excepted to come on board before the big day.

Caerphilly Castle, which dominates the town, was built mainly between 1268 and 1271 and is one of the largest fortresses in Europe.
Wayne Evans, Cadw’s visitor services manager, said: “We hope it will make a difference and help raise awareness in the local community of this very worthwhile initiative.

“Cadw is conscious of the need to cut the world’s electricity bill and is currently exploring the possibility of floodlighting its monuments by more energy efficient means.”

Ok, now fuck yourself Wayne. 

I have to admit a hatred of the treehuggers in the WWF, partly for them swallowing the whole global boring jizz load but also for thieving the letters off of the far more entertaining wrestling. Also I read in some waste of council tax paper issued by the local council that the clock tower which I can see from my window will also be blacking up sorry blacking out.

6 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

8.30pm on Saturday, March 28, for 60 minutes....Every single light in my home and garden will be ablaze.

Fuck 'em all. I'm still building up my stocks of real light bulbs against the day next year when they will no longer be on sale ( not banned, just not available ).

As for waste of trees council propaganda, I make sure to recycle them into public refuse bins and not my own, that is an eco-crime but, once more with feeling, fuck 'em all.

Damon Lord said...

I used to support the WWF (animal charity, not the wrestling body). Then they started using chuggers in the streets, so I stopped giving because chuggers are abhorent. I got stopped by a chugger recently and asked to support the WWF. He didn't know what to say when I said "Sorry, not interested in wrestling"

Fidothedog said...

Going to mock this shit pile again closer to the day.

Damon Lord said...

That reminds me; I need to start stocking up on the old style bulbs myself. After moving in, we switched to energy savers bulbs, but some of the lights (i.e. those with dimmer switches) wont work with energy savers, and with my failing eyesight I can see better with the old style than the energy saver bulbs.

Screech said...

civic centre blacking out? oh lord what shall we do? call the police...phone echo and the bunnymen...jesus what the hell do these arsetards think they are going to achieve with all this frog bollocks? come to think of it, i never even noticed if the civic centre was lit anyway, or are they going to light it up on saturday just to make a point of blacking it out? No doubt the doddery old libel case loser will be at the forefront of the switching off? Twats

Fidothedog said...

Screech I do hope that the doddery old car crash & stroke victim, oh and libel case loser.

My elected MP Paul Flynn turns the lights off and is killed in a tragic powersurge.