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Why MP's are shit. Part 1 expenses.

1. Expenses.

Now many jobs have expenses that are incurred as part of that, however that requires a receipt and usually some haggling with the woman in charge of the petty cash tin. 

MP's however have this off to such a fine art that they can blag so much they need not even touch their wages. Think I am joking well just look at what they can blag off the taxpayers.

Food £400 a month, may not sound a lot but consider the number of times they get taken out or are at some meeting where food is provided and you begin to understand the problem; it also explains the large number of John Prescott sized MP's in the House.

Travel, unlike most workers the MP has a freebie in that all his travel costs are paid by you. Naturally they go first class away from all the smelly plebs and proles who actually voted for them.

So what else is there, how about utility bills. Well MP's have them covered, they claim them all off of us. So next time your near your MP's house, pop in for a cuppa and put your feet up take the remote control and explain that as you paid for it you deserve to choose what to watch. Oh an tell the lazy cunt to put the kettle on, help yourself to some biscuits and then charge him for sleeping over(well they do it to us). 

Sky, gas, water, rates etc all covered, the fuckers blag us for that. Hell what with the John Lewis list that has been covered before there is not much they don't get a hold of.

Then there is the 2nd homes, yep they blag expenses for them. Most likely all done on the 2nd home/their sisters house or mummy & daddys house as well in the case of some dubious claims.

In fact MP's don't even need to hand in receipts for some of the lower end costs, its all based on trust. 

In fact all an MP needs to do is claim they need it for the office, as part of their job, research whatever fancy excuse they can dream up and we pay for it. No questions asked.

As I have said for years, MP's need to have their wages lowered. Or be kept on the same wage but pay out the expenses (that we have to) out of their wages.

Sadly the way these self serving fucking cunts look at it is like this:

The public want us to stop fiddling. Okay, pay us more money an we shall stop.

For what? Being honest. Lets face it as most of our laws/regulations just involve little more than rubber stamping EU dictates, why not cut the fuckers wages by 60% in order to reflect the lower workload due to outsourcing to Brussels.

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