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Eco fascism - £60 fines for cars parked with the engine running.

Motorists in Shrewsbury who sit idle in their cars with their engines running could soon be hit with £60 fines under new plans to improve air quality in the town.

Environmental health chiefs at Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council are proposing the idea as part of a raft of measures under the authority’s Air Quality Management Areas, which include the town centre, Heathgates island and the village of Bayston Hill.

David Spode, manager of pollution at the council, said staff could be granted powers to issue fixed penalty notices to motorists who were found to be unnecessarily creating more carbon emissions.

You can see the cogs going around as lots of planning types fresh from the polyversities think that they can a/ push people about b/ fine them and c/ use the excuse of saving the planet.
He said: “It would not be used in a draconian way and we would try to encourage people to turn their vehicles off on a voluntary basis.

“Already there are sign posts in some of the car parks, particularly for coach drivers, asking them to do that.
Councils not use powers in a draconian way, that will be a first. You just know that this is going to be handed off to the useless knuckle dragging fuckwitsPCSO's and other glorified dog shit inspectors. Its not like they have misused spying powers given to them to snoop into eco bin crime, oh hang on they did.
“It’s something that is available as a power to local authorities where there is a need and it’s something we will be particularly looking at in the future.

“It certainly wouldn’t be related to people queueing at lights but obviously if someone has pulled off the highway for some time with no intention of moving and still keeping their engine running, it’s something we could use to stop that happening.”
So never mind lowering crime, cutting back on council waste - start with your own job there Mr Spode! Its eco fascism, kill the evil car owner and hug a tree.
Mr Spode said motor vehicles were one of the biggest contributors to pollution and he said the council was determined to cut down the level of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM10) in the area.

Other proposals for the future include creating another two gyratory systems at Bridge Street/St Austin’s Street and at St Julian’s Friars – taking the total number to four in the town.

The plans could also see further pedestrianisation of Shrewsbury town centre and identification, mapping and signing of recommended freight routes.
Time for piano wire - carbon offset of course.

3 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Why not pipe the exhaust into their offices and let them directly deal with the capture of those emissions through their own bodies? Solve many problems at once and save a fortune in salaries?

Fidothedog said...

Yep, they could work it in some carbon offset way and they would have the smuggest looking corpses.

Anonymous said...

Hang on they left out the hotline so that you could inform on your neighbours running their engines. And possibly win a prize or something ... perhaps.