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George Galloway is barred from Canada.

Border security chiefs have declared the Respect MP “inadmissable” because of his views on Afghanistan and the presence of Canadian troops there.

Mr Galloway is due to make a speech in Toronto on March 30, following a US lecture tour, but will be turned away if he tries to enter Canada.

The Canadian High Commission in London was last night contacting the MP’s office to inform him of the decision.

Canadian rules say he will be allowed in only if he has a special permit from immigration minister Jason Kenney.

But Mr Kenney’s spokesman said: “George Galloway is not getting a permit — end of story.

He defends the very terrorists trying to kill Canadian forces in Afghanistan.”

Fucking ace! 

Well done Canada, living in a state run by a gutless amoral coward where we accept any smack head jihadist with no ties to the nation and who's last address was Club Gitmo! A place where jihadists kill 52 people and our Home Sec. bars Geert Wilders, its nice to see backbone, we get bugger all here in the UK.

It is nice to see a nation taking a moral stand against jihadists and the useful idiots like George who offer them support.

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Dazed and Confused said...

That would be a topic of great discussion me thinks.

Throughout the World today, who is the most "Useful idiot" of them all to Islamic barbarians?

Bambi, Jacqui, Snotty?

Inshallah! - Oh how Islamists must rub their hands in glee at the sight of a fat, one eyed Socialist and his incredibly incompetent, politically correct side kicks.

Aye We Can ! said...

jutice for george. i dont like banning people, just because of their views make me unconrtable

Canada's loss - but maybe now will now have time to attend his MPs surgery.

but i hear talksport a calling

Rockford said...

There's a nice article about the state of free speech in Canada (and elsewhere) by Ulli Diemer at
It's called "Free Speech - as long as it doesn't offend anyone" and it takes a principled position on free speech.