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Gordon Brown is shit, sorry go's for a shit.

Well I always said he was shit, that he was full of shit and as if proof was ever needed that this was the case, thanks to The Crown who spotted this latest gem.

Sky report that the photo opp with Gordon Brown's South American chums was delayed because he was having a dump:

The "family photo" at the progressive government conference almost became a minor diplomatic incident when our own PM didn't turn up.

It was shrugging shoulders and puzzled expressions all round as the eight became seven.

Five minutes later, Gordon hove into view and the snappers snapped away.

Those on the scene tell me he'd been to the toilet.

Can he show up this nation any more, that he was unable to work out that he needed a crap and go before the photo shoot.

Still thanks to Oldbagsplace for the cyclopedian bog roll.


3 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Yeltsin at least pretended just to 'be asleep' when he messed up the timetable by being drunk.

Fidothedog said...

I liked Yeltsin, he was mocked by everyone drunken old Ruskie that he was.

Old Bag said...

congratulasions on your google win, dear!
i must say, gordoom did look sort of relieved in that photo opp..i suppose having a good shit and getting it out of your system works wonders..still looked like he was having bladder control issues though.