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Nigel Griffiths accused of cheating on his wife in House of Commons.(Post 3)

Well aside from being an amoral rat, Nigel is not very bright either. 

Rather than do the decent thing and resign, find a quiet room with a bottle of whisky and a service revolver an redecorate the back wall a nice shade of brain; Nigel decides to try to cover up the tale of his infidelity.

DISGRACED sex romp MP Nigel Griffiths was covered in yet more shame last night-after a High Court Judge REJECTED his bid to SILENCE the News of the World's TRUE revelations of his antics inside the House of Commons.

The married former Labour minister attempted to get a legal injunction to gag us. But he failed and was SLAMMED by the judge.

Even though lying cheat Griffiths took dozens of pornographic pictures of his brunette mistress cavorting in his House of Commons office, then downloaded them on to his computer, he later claimed he was so drunk he could hardly remember the sex session.

But yesterday Mr Justice King damned Griffiths as he declared: "At the very least, he was being economical with the truth. It could be said to be a lie but I don't have to go that far."

The Judge also said the News of the World was RIGHT to expose Griffiths' shocking behaviour in his taxpayer-funded Westminster office, adding: "I accept the fact that the claimant has not only taken pictures but also downloaded them does not sit easily with his public statement that he is ashamed and has little recollection."

On Thursday, Griffiths thought he was in the clear after the Commons' Standards Commissioner dismissed complaints about the MP-without even questioning him or asking US for our evidence.

But yesterday the High Court judge concluded:

"It is legitimate to bring into the public domain the totality of the material. There is a clear public office element.

I accept there is a legitimate interest of the public in the way MPs use access to offices that they get as a result of their public office.

There is a right to prevent the public from being significantly misled. The paper should be free to put the record straight as to what the claimant said in response to the article.

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 As Nigel has a very small "majority" its looking likely that come voter turnout time he will be removed from office. Good riddance to bad rubbish the House of Commons deserves better, rather than dubious MP's leaving "emissions" on the furniture.

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

DISGRACED sex romp MP Nigel Griffiths Good old News Of The World Headline editors, got to love 'em.

This jocular remark of the Judge could have been in Rumpole
"I accept there is a legitimate interest of the public in the way MPs use access to offices that they get as a result of their public office.
Very Droll M'Lud.

Fidothedog said...

Yes, the judge was tied in his reply but reading between the lies you know the judge meant to say:

"Your a lying sack of shit MP with a small majority, a small cock and want to piss about covering up your lies, you lying cunt."