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Gordon "Foie gras" Brown - a fat snot munching cunt.

Fat lard arsed useless cunt of an unelected PM, one James Gordon Brown denies that the fat cunt is in fact a fat fucking cunt. The cunt.
Indeed the blubber laden PM who risks a fucking harpoon should he ever swim in the seas off of Japan even had the nerve to bitch to the press like a fat blubbery girl: I am not fat says the lardy cunt James Gordon "Cyclops" Brown.

Plus a clip of the snot gobbler eating his snot. 

Biggest joke is that this lardy cunts shower of fellow cunts in Government lecture us eating an drinking, maybe they need to speak to the fucker in No.10.

Oh and I have through my calling this fat shit a shit managed to get No.1 in calling the shit a shit on Google.

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

"unelected PM"

Call me a pedant if you must. But Gordon Brown being an unelected Prime Minister is not an innovation in British Politics. To my knowledge we do not elect Prime ministers.

What is unusual, is that he has appointed himself as Prime Minister. That is usually left to the Head of State.

Lets get him for the right thing. Being incompetent and destroying the economy.

WTF the Tories aren't crucifying the man on that alone, exasperates me.

Fidothedog said...

Anon his getting the job as a favour from Tone leaving office early was a fuckin disaster for this nation.

That aside I really hate the fact that that could have happened under a Tory government as easily.

I think that anyone who is PM should have to go to the nation in an election.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

You must admit that Gordon 'The Significunt' has class, he rembered to wipe his bogey smeared finglets on the back of his tie rather than down his shirt.