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Paul Flynn MP libel case losing MP misses the point on beer taxes.

The doddery cash crashing, stoke addled champagne socialist Paul Flynn says on New Labour cuntmonkey Sir Liam Donaldson raising beer taxes:
The temperance movement in Wales in the early part of the last century succeeded in closing Welsh pubs on Sundays. They remained open in England and there was a brisk cross border migration on the Sabbath.
Yeah so? We all know the temperance loons have been tied in with Labour from day one. Still are just look at all the tax rises and regulations imposed on booze.
That traffic could be reversed if Health boss Liam Donaldson gets his way. He usually does. He is calling for minimum prices on alcohol. It would raise the minimum price for a bottle wine to £4.50. There are compelling health arguments for cutting binge drinking. Cheap booze is a major cause. There are complaints that beer is being unfairly clobbered by taxes. Would the Government be tempted to raise the taxes on all alcoholic drinks?
He bangs on about cheap booze, well what he misses is that this will kill the micro breweries, kill off even more pubs. Those with a booze problem will cut back on other luxuries like say feeding their kiddies in order to get drink. Policing or rather lack of effective policing in tackling feral scsrotes buying booze is the cause. 

A failure on the part of your piss poor government if ever there was one.

All taxation does is raise revenue with no benefits for those it claims to help.
This time the proposal is for England only. If enacted it could provided a major boost to the Welsh Tourist Trade as well as blowing a raspberry at the temperance movement of the past.
England only, if he thinks that the nannying cuntmonkeys in the Welsh Arsembly will pass up the chance to tax and use their power he is living in fantasy land again. The government funded quango's, sorry the booze charities funded by HM Govt. will looby the assorted cuntmonkeys.

After all its all about taxes, lots of lovely taxes all from the unwashed booze sozzled plebs who can not be trusted with the demon drink. 

New Labour the nanny state, they are the new temperance movement.

Their reasoning is simple, I shall hand over to landed underclass who said:
1. Find something a lot of people like to do, say, breathing.

2. Fund some shister to do a serious of tests/surveys/thoughts/lies that prove how bad breathing is for your health.

3. Tax the fuck out of it.

4. Create some false statistics that back up your spurious claims that taxing the fuck out of breathing has prevented so many people from dying from it. Blah fucking blah fucking blah.

New Labour policy making in action. Labour cunts the lot of them.


3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

With the madness that is life in New Labour's Britain, drink is the one thing that keeps most people sane. Take that away and watch the fireworks fly.

The government better hope it's going to be wet summer because if it isn't...

JPT said...

People will be just as pissed but more skint.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"The temperance movement in Wales in the early part of the last century succeeded in closing Welsh pubs on Sundays." Except that every part of Wales voted to re-introduce Sunday drinking during the latter half of last century. You, Sir Liam Donaldson, are a Cunt, lying the lies of the lying liars.

Putting a minimum price on booze will do fuck all to consumption, the skint young and the very poor will simply beg, work, rob and whine for more cash and consume the same.

Tax on the poor, pure and simple.
A new own goal for Nu Labour, fantastic !