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Gordonomics in action: Linda Stout-Turner homeless.

Gordonomics in action:Walking down the street in a smart black jacket and red pencil skirt, 52 year old Linda Stout-Turner looks like your average London worker.
But she's not on her way to a business meeting or to lunch in a restaurant.

The bags she's carrying contain all her worldly possessions - she hauls them around London each day because she has nowhere to keep them - Linda is homeless.

"The reason this happened to me is basic economics. The work stopped, therefore the income stopped therefore I have nothing."

She once had a successful career in sales and marketing that allowed her a comfortable middle class existence.

"I had quite a hectic social life. We'd go out for lunch a couple of times a week, to the gym two or three times a week, quite often go out to a club. We would enjoy nice food, nice wine and a load of social activities."

Now, her daily routine couldn't be more different. She's living in a hostel alongside London's regular rough sleepers. She has to be out by 7am each day when she heads for Macdonald's to scour the papers for jobs.

Then on to the agency ring-round. Six agencies know her by name, they say her CV is strong but today, like most days, they can't offer so much as an interview.

Linda came to London after she lost her permanent job to try and get work as a temp. While staying in a hotel the last of her money was stolen - when she reported it to the police they advised her to go to a night shelter.

"The reason the police suggested that was because I had no job, no money coming in. They felt it was the safest place for me to be.
Whilst the Mc'Chavscum clan in the previous post eat their way through the fucking national debt, others have to live in shelters.

This is the direct result of 12 years of socialist mis-rule. 

This is Gordon Brown's socialist "Cool Britannia" in the 21st Century.

No private jet laid on for Linda by David Miliband, after all she is not a rag-headed guest with a drug habit who was residing at Club Gitmo.

No home laid on for her the way it was for Afghani plane hijackers.

No specialist help from the state - like the translators laid on for illegal barbarian savages who swamp the UK in social unrest and crime.

Not a fucking word from the chattering classes who pontificate in The Grauniad about the rights of folk in the third world, far easier for them to bleat about how Gordon has saved the fucking World.

No apology from one PM James Gordon Brown on how his policies directly caused this.

Come the day Gordon and the New Labour champagne socialist scum MP's will pay. Cunts every single one of them.

2 people have spoken:

Sue said...

She's a decent white British woman, she's got no chance of any help.

Fidothedog said...

Saly your right, far easier for loonie labour types to crow about helping hate filled Arabs than our own people.