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MP's engage in cockwaving: Sign EDM whilst pub trade crashes.

Twenty one MPs are backing calls for lower alcohol duty on draught beer and cider to help struggling pubs.
They have signed an Early Day Motion (EDM) petition that says pubs and clubs are “vital part of communities” and recognises they are “under pressure from long-term trends in how citizens consume alcohol”.
It says the tax system should “recognise the need to support pubs and clubs whilst not encouraging increases in off-trade consumption”.
It urges the Government to introduce different rates of duty for draught and packaged beers and ciders in the upcoming Budget.
The EDM says “having a lower rate of duty on draught beers sold in pubs the Government can offer support to pubs and clubs without encouraging binge drinking or incurring large losses of revenues”.
Treasury minister Angela Eagle has previously said different alcohol tax regimes based on where it is sold would not be possible under EU law.
The EDM is from Labour MP for Midlothian David Hamilton, member of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group and Non-profit-making Members Clubs Group.
Sadly all an EDM is, is a bunch of MP's expressing a viewpoint. About as much use to the struggling pub trade as the Emperor Nero whipping his pecker out and attempting to put out the great fire of Rome by watering it.

Whilst at the same time ever more regulations are imposed on the brewing trade.Concerns about plans to inflict costly redtape on licensees through the mandatory retailing code were raised by trade chiefs at a meeting with Business Secretary Lord Mandelson yesterday.
Trade chiefs

Representatives of five alcohol trade groups met Mandelson and Chancellor Alistair Darling to argue for the alcohol duty escalator to be scrapped, and not to increase duty in this year's Budget.

Two meetings were held, one with Alistair Darling and a separate one with Lord Mandelson.
The alcohol retailing code will see mandatory conditions on pubs, including curbs on drinks deals, operating Challenge 21 and offering smaller drinks measures. Councils could also attach more stringent conditions to multiple venues.

It’s been slated for adding unnecessary costs for licensees and trade groups are consulting lawyers about the legality of parts, including giving councils powers to set conditions without formal licence reviews.

Here is the EDM link to EDM's.


Hamilton, David - 
That this House believes that pubs and clubs are a vital part of communities and recognises that they are under pressure from long-term trends in how citizens consume alcohol; further believes that price and taxation constitutes only one of a limited number of factors affecting their income but that the tax system should recognise the need to support pubs and clubs whilst not encouraging increases in off-trade consumption; calls on the Government to introduce measures in the 2009 Budget which place different rates of duty on draught as opposed to pre-packaged beers and cider; and further believes that by having a lower rate of duty on draught beers sold in pubs the Government can offer support to pubs and clubs without encouraging binge drinking or incurring large losses of revenues.

Now here is a perfect example of the petty, bloody minded regulations that are killing the pub trade. 

The New Labour smoking ban has damaged pub trade, no matter if you agree with it or not. It has also given a whole raft of petty, small minded red tape obcessed council retards a new club to batter the public and publicans with. From the morningadvertiser
A Derbyshire licensee has been threatened with legal action after being told his smoking shelter is 64.8% enclosed.

The information was given to Keith Bannister in a letter from his council, which said he must reduce the walls of his shelter by 5.1sq m. Walls of smoking shelters must be 50% open to the elements.

Bannister, of Harleys Bar in Chesterfield, said: “I am prepared to go to a court of law to decide whether my smoking shelter is legal. I feel the way you [the council] have conducted yourself is totally unprofessional, and you have not at any point offered to meet me or my team to bring this dispute to an amicable settlement.”

A letter from the council’s Environmental Services, dated 4 March, invited Bannister to an interview “under caution”.

It said: “As you are aware, the council believes your smoking shelter is substantially enclosed and does not comply with the Health Act 2006.” It continued: “Depending on what you tell us, we may take criminal proceedings against you.”

Bannister added: “I feel you [the council] are making an issue of my shelter because of Harleys high profile.”

The interview is scheduled for Thursday (19 March).
WTF? Seriously its bad enough being shoved outside in the sodding rain, if we are lucky we get a bastard glorified bus shelter to freeze in. Now I will clarify the point that I am not a smoker.

The choice is between sitting in the pub alone or taking my drink out with the smokers I am out drinking with.

But how the fuck can it be 64.8% fucking enclosed. As for this meeting under caution, quite what the fuck is that all about, seriously the council forgets that their reason is to extort as much money out of the plebs and unwashed masses for them to spunk away on pet projects, to serve the public who pay their wages.

Pass me the piano wire as a council retard needs culling...

A little video I knocked up earlier today in protest.

5 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

32% of voters still think this lot are wonderful, as their pubs and clubs disappear.

Fidothedog said...

Yeah I can't work that one, where are they going to piss away their giro's when the pubs close?

Dazed and Confused said...

Where the hell did you pick up this vile music from? it's put me off my fucking tea!

Fidothedog said...

Some raghead shyte, still the gunshot an Macc Lads was better.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

When I were a lad local councils provided services for local residents, parks, schools,swimming pools, Old Folks Clubs, taking away the rubbish, keeping the roads clean that sort of thing all under the kindly guidence of the Clerk Of Works.
Now Directors Of Directorates have made them instruments of coercion, control, command and compulsion whose purpose ( Common or otherwise ) is to promote the 1980s Polytechnic bullshit that pervades their thinking. That is what has led to some cunt measuring a smoking shelter to find that it is 64.8% enclosed, as if anyone thinks that is a useful thing to do.

The second tune on your vid was very acceptable.