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Gordonomics - Spend £160K on digital engagement then cancel e-mail for No.10.

Found this little gem that shows the bizarre behaviour and strange logic of our mono eyed PM at Events dear boy...
Having spent £160,000 a year on the head of digital engagement, Brown has decided to retreat further into the No 10 bunker by cancelling his e-mail address.  The public will now have to use pigeon mail or dust off those obsolete fax machines should they wish to communicate with Moses.

It is reported that No 10 wish to boost the number of letters that the Royal Mail delivers ahead of the part sell off.  In an off the record briefing, a spokesperson for the Royal Mail said that they were not expecting an increase the number of letters delivered to No 10.

No doubt he will be believing all is well, that the New German Empire Großdeutsches Reich sorry Labour Government is doing fine.

I guess all those Downfall parodies of Gordon are closer to the truth than anyone has realised, the Führer has retreated to the government bunker and will be visited only be a select few.

No e-mails to No.10 story from Associated Press.


3 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

New Labour are like a conference side playing in the champions league - Completely out of their fucking depth! - and the worst culprit of all is the tubby one eyed striker, sulking on the touch line, because the crowd have realised his many deficiencies and now dare to boo him.

This isn't serious government it's a politically correct version of the fucking Benny Hill show, and I'm now laughing at them, not with them, in sheer disbelief!!.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

They probably got fed up with junior staffers spanding all their time laughing at the offensive and abusive incoming stuff not least the dozens of Downfall spoofs in attachments.

Downfall, great movie.

Oldrightie said...

In Snotty's deluded mind £160,000 is small change only coveted by the little people.