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Geert Wilders attending International Conference on Extremism.

Been a while since my last post on Geert Wilders, anyway a hat tip to Gates of vienna for this one. 
A blog that should be on everyones RSS reader or link list if they want to find out what the moslem barbarians are up to.
The controversial Dutch film director and politician Geert Wilders will be invited to the government’s upcoming ‘International Conference on Extremism’. Geert Wilders’ name is on the list of speakers presented to Minister of Integration, Birthe Roenn Hornbech.

“Geert Wilders isn’t exactly my cup of tea. But as opposed to our political adversaries, the caving-in politicians and opinionators, we dare to invite him. Even if I disagree profoundly with him. It’s called freedom of expression,” says Naser Khader.

Great Britain recently banned Geert Wilders from entering after the House of Lords invited him to discuss his Islam-critical movie Fitna. A movie that PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen condemned. On the other hand, the Danish People’s Party and the Conservative Party demanded that Geert Wilders’ name be on the list of invitees.

The conference — part of the Danish Parliament’s financial agreement — was until recently on hold while the minister of integration, Birthe Roenn Hornbech, waited for the final list, with names such as British author Salman Rushdie and Dutch human rights activist Hirsi Ali on it.

“The Battle of Values is the battle of our time. We can not afford to lose it. Under no circumstances must it be forgotten now, even if PM Rasmussen is about to leave us,” says Naser Khader.

[Rasmussen is a nominee for Secretary General of NATO — but it all depends on NATO-member Turkey — and I doubt Turkey will be pleased with Denmark, if it ever was. — translator]
**Our Home Sec. one Jacqui Smith was the woman responsible for barring Geert Wilders, she is currently in a spot of bother over some dubious expenses claims.

His admission to the UK was also opposed by Labour peer Lord Ahmed who was jailed for a mere 16 days for dangerous driving which led to a death. He also threatened to bring 10,000 moslems to protest outside the House of Lords should Wilders be allowed to screen his film.
Links and Geert Wilders video:

Interview with Boston Globe
Geert Wilders photos
If you wish to see the film Fitna, the English Version can be found on this link: Download the English version of Fitna here.

Right click on the link, then choose "Save Target As" and it will download onto your hard drive.

**Anyone seeking a spot of easy money making should invest in a bulk order of Danish flags, lighters and meet the hoard of protesting moslems. 

No word as yet if Lord Ahmed will begoing to protest and bringing 10,000 moslems from the UK.

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Seems Mr Wilders now has to get politicians permission to travel even between Shengen States.

Jaqui, this will come back and bite you where it hurts.

Fidothedog said...

Yep she is going to pay.