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Gordon's Cool Britannia: Free money for being fat.

Another good one from the foie gras PM James Gordon Brown, a dire man who despite being fat hates to be seen as fat by the media.

Yep ever the one to say one thing and do another HM Govt is paying the indolent and feckless to chow down on pies. This story shows that if you become fat you are rewarded for failure, much like the banking sector then and those in employ in local government!
Thousands of Britons are officially too fat to work.

Government figures released yesterday reveal that 2,130 individuals are claiming incapacity benefit as a direct result of obesity.

And there are likely to be hundreds – or even thousands – more whose weight has led to severe health problems, such as diabetes, cancer or heart defects, which have made them unfit to take jobs.

It is the latest evidence that the country's obesity epidemic is threatening to spiral out of control.

Last week it emerged that the number of patients admitted to hospital for weight-related health issues has leapt seven-fold in a decade.

There are around 2.6million adults on sickness handouts, meaning about one in 1,200 are receiving up to £84.50 a week because they are grossly overweight.
So on the one hand we have a campaign on the TV encouraging us all to lose weight, keep fit and warning us we will all keel over of a heart attack should we not. A nannying scheme by the Dept of Health costing £75 million

Then the very people they aim that advertising at are paid extra for becoming lard arsed flab balls in the first place. Much like the PM who is packing more than a few extra pounds.

As they made themselves fat they should be deprived of benefits until thin enough to seek work. If they did that its not like they would be protesting after all the fat cunts can't get outside the front door.

Should they lose weight they would be moved onto a lower benefit and well that would never do, after all how could they afford the lard, pies an ale then?...

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