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I think Paul Flynn is worried about his seat.

I found on the doormat this morning something called "Newport Voice" and at the bottom the slogan "Paul Flynn MP - Serving Newport". 

Yep the old libel case loser, car crasher/minor stroke victim and joker about farmers suicides has been dipping into the taxpayers money Communications Allowance to let us plebs and proles know about what a fantastic town sorry city we are living in.

The first page is harmless fluff, some bits on the Tredegar House piss up Festival, with CAMRA providing lots of liquid refreshment and a bit on the visitor center at Caerleon.

Now that is Caerleon not exactly Newport, or under the benign rule of Flynn but he slips this in to give Rosemary Butler AM a plug. She just happens to be a Labour member, coincidence I am sure.

He talks of the Newport Wetlands, over 65 hectares of reedbeds and suchlike wild stuff. All built on former industrial wasteland, very nice and somewhere for all them happy unemployed people to spend the day.

On the inside page he mentions the Ebbw Vale/Newport rail link but keeps quiet about the innumerable delays, infighting and poorly planned funding.

Another inside plug for Rosemary Butler AM, as he mentions the Fairtrade event at Rogerstone and as we know she just happens to be a Labour party member. Just a coincidence there, honest guv.

He mentions the non story over the Passport Office closing, which was mentioned by the local press and he takes another dig at the South Wales Argus "local press".

A mention for Turners painting of Newport Castle, Flynn wants it to come to Newport. Would be nice but have to say I am not really that concerned either way on that one.

Then a fluff piece on the Climate Change Bill. Time for a plug for baby popping machine and part time Newport MP Jessica "Call me Jess" Morden. A women who if cut in half would have "Blair Babe LOL" through her like some form of bizarre socialist stick of rock. 

Oh and a plug in the same article for local band GLC, who Jessica Morden mentioned in her first speech in the House of Commons, a new low in political speaking if ever there was one.

Now for the fun bit, Flynn talks about his webshyte. In the period of a week, I had 2000 hits on website. Well fuck me is that all? For an MP that is bloody poor, but then as Flynn fails to debate with people, censors comments and ignores views he dislikes no wonder then they stay away.

I clear about 800-1000 a day, not a week a day. Hell the only reason I have comment moderation on is to get rid of those sodding spam adverts.

The back page has some more local fluff stories, and then the saga of the Newport Mansion House.

Now the libel loser has been banging on about this on his webshyte for months, claiming that the nasty baby eating Tories were planning to rip it down. Despite denials and he called in Cadw
who declared what was already known that "An unlisted building in a designated conservation area, such as the Mansion House, can not be demolished without conservation area consent."

Fucking Hell Newport deserves better, I wonder what the cost of this arse gravy was to the taxpayers of the land?


4 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

How about you and "The Screech" get together, and produce a leaflet of your own, to be distributed throughout Newport City, on an "Anybody but Paul Flynn" ticket, where you tell it like it is about the "man", divulge all of his misdemeanors in full, and invite the locals to come and sample your own blogs for themselves - (and then his).

You never know....New Labour are so unpopular these days you might just give Flynn good reason to take that much inflated pension of his, earlier than he would have wished.

Fidothedog said...

Dazed, not saying anything as yet, but I have a few things planned to air some Paul Flynn's past fuck up's to a wider audience.

This will be timed about a week or so before the next election.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

We get this sort of expensive tree wasting crap through the door all the time, it goes straight in the bin, unread.

Fidothedog said...

Think of the fun mocking it, an opportunity wasted there.

After all they feed us this shit, use your money to feed said crap to you so rip it apart online. :-)