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Deva Kumarasiri sacked.

Free speech seen as abuse of those who lazy to learn English....A Nottingham postmaster who refused to serve people with poor English has been dismissed from his position and banned from the Liberal Democrat party.

Sri Lankan born Deva Kumarasiri shot to prominence this week after he refused to serve customers who could not speak fluent English on the grounds that it caused delays for other customers.

When the 40-year-old district councillor turned up for work at the inner-city sub-office this morning he was told he had been moved to another post office in the city.

The owners of the shop at which the Post Office concession is based complained to his employment agency saying outrage over his stance was losing them customers.

Kumarasiri, who has lived in the UK for 18 years and was a Liberal Democrat councillor at Gedling Borough Council, claimed he had attempted to introduce the short-lived policy in order to provide a better service to his English speaking customers.

He remains defiant, insisting he will fight to return to his old post to “get back to my customers” and will serve his community as an independent councillor.

He said: “I am at this different site for the time being and I hope I can then come back.”

He claimed he had been inundated with cards and messages of support from across the UK but admitted he did not “expect everyone to agree” with him.

Tony Gillam, leader of Gedling Liberal Democrats, said Kumarasiri’s opinions meant he could no longer be a member of the party.

Cllr Gillam said: “Deva is not a Liberal Democrat councillor. The views expressed go well beyond what we can accommodate.”

He added that it had not been necessary to officially expel Kumarasiri as he had not paid any subscriptions for 18 months.

A spokesman for Kumarasiri’s employer, Newrose Personnel Limited, was not available to comment.

**And so it go's, speak out about people being unable or rather unwilling to learn English and you get the wrath of the righteous.

After all there is a whole industry of victimhood at stake here. Should this catch on the bleeding hearts will have no one to feel sorry for, no one to take charge of and would have to look for an honest living off of the taxpayers teat.

Now as he is not white they could not play the race card, they must have hated that. Oh to be able to claim he hated migrants, but as someone who came to this land and showed a pride in it, a willingness to learn adapt and expected others to do the same. How dare he!

Doesn't he know there is a trade of victimhood at stake here. So they claim his stance his costing customers. Really? Well thats a good stance to let the rest of the rabble know that they should keep quiet and not complain about the indolent, shiftless and feckless who can not be bothered to adapt to speaking English.

Then we come to the Lib Dems, well if ever there was a misnamed party for liberalism then it is them. Craven as the New Labour scum they hide behind the fact he has not paid party dues to wash their hands of him.

They say and I quote them: “Deva is not a Liberal Democrat councillor. The views expressed go well beyond what we can accommodate.”

Oh by asking other migants to this land to speak the language, that is beyond what they can accommodate? Well fuck them then.

While we have quango's like the Immigrant Advisory Service. A refuge for the dim witted useless timeservers like former Tory MP Keith Best.

The agency sucks some £13 million quid of taxpayers money from the people to promote immigrants and Deva threatened their work.

The sort of mad barking liberal who claims "we are now turning immigrants into better citizens than people born with a British passport", although if by that he means they do not do jail time for share dealing like Keith then maybe he is right.

I have covered this dickhead here, here and here.

My thoughts go to Deva, I hope he lands a position soon and we need more people like him in the UK rather than the hordes of Albanian fruit pickers, Roma gangsta, illiterate Somali killers, jihadists, East European mafia and moslem economic migrants.

My previous post on Deva was here.

I am sure that dickhead Rafael Behr will remind him that he is free, although not free to express his own opinion in this New Cool Britannia. Rafael said we had never been so free.

4 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

this is just another instance of how the UK has no freedom of speech anymore..this guy, who in a very rare move, came to this country and actually worked and contributed to the system (unlike all the other imigrant mongs) and now is out of a job because he dared to "insult" some loser cunts who wont speak english...well, boo fucking hoo to them!..as the good man himself said, either speak the language or go back to your own country.. i wish this fellow all the best in getting his job back. and the libdems can go piss up a rope.

Fidothedog said...

Well said, an our snot gobbling PM is abroad so no word from that gutless cunt on this.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Seems rather that he has been re-deployed; I expect that his employment agency is more than aware of background public support.

Good luck to Deva Kumarasiri, I have quietly adopted his policy of not wasting my time with clients/customers who can't be arsed to speak to me in proper English and will extend this to any Public Official or Call Centre Operative/Shopkeeper who is a similarly lazy cunt.

Anonymous said...

Send Deva a message of support at his website