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Jacqui Smith an the abuse register.

(Picture from the sadly missed Tractorstats blog)...Dim witted Home (economics) Sec. Jacqui Smith MP's latest brainwave, thats a rather small wave for a woman with a rather small brain...From GOT and Mong the Merciless
More Unwanted Fucking Government Interference.....

Well here we go with the news today that the fucking home office now want to interfere with peoples personal relationships - a register of abusive/violent partners....for fucks sake....

This is just going to be an excuse for bunny boilers to threaten their victims with! Who the fuck has the right to make that judgement - in most cases of domestics if you weren't there you don't know what happened - that's why the coppers hate domestic rows and the courts struggle to make prosecutions stick.
Brilliant idea that, just what we need a database of every drunken argument that pc plod gets called out to. Which years later can be brought up by someone. More paperwork, more state nannery and more public money wasted.

Even the women at that meeting told her in a polite way - far more polite that I would have been - that it was just a gimmick.

Well said Sandra Horley, chief executive of Refuge, a women’s charity who said:
“We have had enough talking - we need action. As for the perpetrators’ register, it is a gimmick and doesn’t address the root problem.

“The Government is hoping to get away with useless initiatives like this register and it is hypocritical to sound tough and do little.”

Ms Smith attempted to interrupt the tirade but she was shouted down and Ms Horley continued, insisting that the recent case of Sabina Akhtar showed that not enough was being done.

"I’m afraid this is just spin and PR. . . The majority of violent men don’t come to the attention of police and it won’t keep women safe.

“Police can’t be expected to monitor relationships and love lives of offenders.”
Following the amusment given by the Telegragh URL on the subject of unelected PM Cyclops, I thought I would express my thoughts on dim witted, slack jawed, bovine faced, fat arsed, kebab eating an expense fiddling Jacqui Smith MP.

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