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Every taxpayer faces £800 bill

This should be fun.
Every taxpayer in the country might have to find an extra £806 a year because of a collapse in Government revenues.

Accountancy giant Pricewaterhouse-Coopers reckons the total annual tax rise needed because of the deepening black hole in the Treasury finances could reach £25billion.

Its report today, which warns that the banking crisis and recession are placing the public finances under 'severe strain', follows claims in the Commons last night that Labour's latest bank bail-out means a £50,000 gamble for every man, woman and child in Britain.

The PricewaterhouseCoopers report says Government expenditure should be frozen for the three years to 2013-14, while £25billion of tax rises are needed from 2011 on.

In the Commons last night, critics warned plans to take a 77 per cent stake in Lloyds Banking Group meant taxpayers were being asked to stand behind £3trillion in potentially toxic loans and liabilities.
So how is Gordon going to pay for all this? 

Well tax rises on business which will cause businesses to fail - thus adding to the problem.
Indirect taxes that will hit all - booze, fags, motorists, wheelchairs, false eyes, you name it he will tax it. This will also cause demands for pay increases.
An his all time fave, he will create more state non jobs - Brilliant, stick people in townhalls doing fuck all of worth on money raised from taxpayers, then tax them after all what can go wrong with that...


3 people have spoken:

John A Thomson said...

He should introduce a blog post levy on Tory bloggers :-P.

Fidothedog said...

We will all be jailed under thought crimes so that would never work.

Anonymous said...

He will never tax false eyes as he has one..........