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Jailed scumbag peer Lord Ahmed.

Hat tip to the Ranting Kingpenguin for this one...
Lord Ahmed who was sending and receiving a series of texts on his mobile phone ran into another vehicle and killed a man.

The ignoble peer got a light touch, a mere fine a year ban and a token 12 weeks in jail. 

Phillipa Curtis, 21, from Suffolk, had been using her phone before she hit the back of Victoria McBryde's stationary car at 70mph on the A40 in Oxfordshire.

She however not being either a/ Moslem b/A member of New Labour c/ A peer received 21 months after being found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving.

Somewhat different. But the powers that be have appealed against the 21 month sentence as being too lenient? Yet no appeal against the ignoble peers term inside, or should that be lack of term.

I wonder if those who run the justice system are scared that a rampaging mob of 10,000 moslems will decend on them should they raise his term behind bars. 

My message to Lord Ahmed is "Don't bend down for the soap."

Drop your MP a line. You can find them at theyworkforyou.com 

I have just sent a letter off to my local MP about this, more on that and the stock reply later.

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3 people have spoken:

Cato said...

The point is, sadly, that Ahmed did not kill the man. He was already dead!!

Fidothedog said...

Si quis hominem liberum dolo sciens morti duit paricida esto.

Tie Ahmed in a sack an throw him in the river.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

He won't be out after 6 weeks, he'll be released 2.5 weeks before that under the current un-crowding scheme.