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Sen. Ted Kennedy to get honorary knighthood - nothing for Mary Jo Kopechne.

I see Ted Kennedy is being knighted.

For support of worthless IRA terrorists or maybe his advanced driving or life-saving skills? Or it might even be his cheating at his Spanish exam whilst in Harvard

Maybe something to do with his application to join US Army intelligence and his being dropped a few weeks later without explanation?

Still government dole out honours and privileges to one and all: I bet he just beat Abu Hamza who was nominated for his role in the prison play of Capt Hook, a posthumous title for Saddam Hussain for his work on chemicals and a peerage for Osama Bin Laden in uniting moslems against the infidel.

Needless to say I think no one in this government will be mentioning the name Mary Jo Kopechne.

2 people have spoken:

Damon Lord said...

A knighthood. He's miffed at only getting a knighthood. Bad drivers who get gongs are usually peers in the UK.

Fidothedog said...

Careful Damon, 9999 irate moslems might come after you. I would be 10,000 but one is currently discovering the special love between lags....