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Keep the home fires burning (post 2)

I mentioned before about the eco wankers and hug a tree Earth Day.
Apparently there is some tree hugging eco-loon fucktwattery called Earth Day which encourages the dim witted and easily led that flicking off a light bulb will salve their conscience, save the planet, like dude.

Anyway the backlash has started "AN anti-Earth Hour group urging Australians to keep their lights blazing this weekend is a sign of waning interest in environmentalism, experts say."

Group member Alexander Woodhouse says: "The Earth Hour makes people feel like they've done their share and makes them sleep better... that's nice for them but it doesn't really help the earth."
Well there is a better idea, via Obotheclown and Donalblaney

Join me tonight in turning ALL of your lights ON for an hour. Light up your home as a beacon of liberty standing up to the tyranny of environmental zealots.

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