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Ken Livingstone is a fare dodger.

One rule for the plebs and another for the nobles...Ken Livingstone once warned he would show no mercy to fare dodgers, declaring: 'Freeloading will not be tolerated.'

Yesterday, the former London mayor was spared his own 'zero-tolerance' approach after being caught travelling by train without a ticket.

Despite failing to pay the £7.50 single fare from Paddington in London to Slough, Berkshire, he escaped the 'automatic' £20 fine for the offence.

Mr Livingstone, 63, admitted his error at the ticket barrier but was simply waved through by staff and allowed to buy the fare from a ticket machine.

**Maybe Ken will make a charitable donation for the £20 but not holding my breath on that one. Whats the odds had this been someone not in the New Labour noble elite, then Red Ken and the one eye'd Scots snob gobbler would have been howling from the rooftops about "double standards"...

Mind he has had his critics when he was running Londson, as some wag described him in apt terms on a London bus...

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