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Stupidist headline ever, from the backwards of darkest Southwark.

No wonder this hack is working on some local rag in the backwoods of Southwark...


Oh and do pray tell who will be stumping up the cash then?
THE government will foot the multimillion bill for the Jean Charles de Menezes murder inquiry.

North Southwark and Bermondsey MP Simon Hughes pressed the Secretary of State for Justice Jack Straw in Parliament last Thursday, who agreed that the 'exceptional' case should not be paid for by the local authorities.

The former Home Secretary said: "The Government have agreed that this inquest is exceptional and financial support to the local authorities will therefore be provided. Officials from the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office are now discussing the details with the local authorities."
And HM Government money comes from where? Now this is a basic lesson on economics for thick Labour voters and hacks on backwoods papers.

Taxpayers, see all that magic money has to come from somewhere, hell with hacks that stupid I am sure he will land a job with the BBC economics department any day now.

Fucking dumbass.

2 people have spoken:

IanPJ said...

I took the liberty of writing to David Yuill this morning.

Dear David Yuill,

I am unsure whether your article about the costs relating to the De Menezes inquiry is pushing the myth about 'government funding',
or whether you genuinely do not know where 'government money' comes from.

It would be correct for you to state that local council tax payers in Southwark will not have to foot the bill, however I find that your article is misleading in the extreme in that it fails to point out that Government does not have any money, and therefore the bill will be funded by taxpayers right across the UK.

All 'government money' is taxpayers money, taken under threat of fine or imprisonment.

I would therefore in the interests of fair reporting request a correction to be printed to this entirely false view in your article.

Kindest regards

Ian Parker-Joseph
Party Leader - Libertarian Party UK

Fidothedog said...

Ian, I fear you might confuse our little hack.

After all he writes for a local paper for local people.

The concept of money flow and taxes will wear the poor dear out.