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Kerry McCarthy - dim witted MP for Bristol East.

Kerry McCarthy, Labour MP for Mogadishu East shows herself to be a boorish dim witted cunt, for this fine example of verbal arse water:
...intelligent parents are more likely to be left-leaning and thus ideologically opposed to private schooling. (This is an incontrovertible fact, based on many years' personal observation on my part).
Oh really Kerry is that right. Maybe Diane Abbott would care to debate that fact after schooling her offspring in the private sector.

The point is Kerry that if the state system was not staffed to the rafters with union bodies, timeservers and political non entities who believe that school is a place for pet policies, social engineering and just about anything but the so called 3R's; then people would use it.

Instead they want a system where the room won't be overfilled with migrants off the Eurostar, where English is taught as a first language, our history is taught over that of alien customs and so on.

Where parents take the time to put in extra shifts to pay to give their offspring a head start. I think it used to be called personal responsibility.

Still as a champagne socialist it must stick in her throat that the plebs and proles make their own decisions and disagree with the all seeing socialist state.


3 people have spoken:

Cheeky Boy said...

I think most parents want the best for their kids(pikey-chav losers excepted)problem is this worthless government is hell bent on trying to prevent them.As for lefties being intelligent?We can all see the results of left-wing ideaology over last 40 years,especially in state education....

MK said...

Can someone tell her the Obama's also extol the virtues of public schools but send their daughters to private school. I dare this scumbag to tell obama this.

Fidothedog said...

Mk, thats the double standards of the left. Public = evil unless we sent our kids there.