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Labour voters No.1 - The council estate chavs.

Going to be doing a few of these...

Overweight and living on the local sink estate. They are loyal Labour voters.

Ever since the first baby at 14(they started late) they have had another few since then, well its the benefits innit. That an the council house of course.

The problem with these is not their loyalty to Labour that is in question but actually getting them to go and vote. Years of indolence and lying to the DSS about doing a few jobs on the sly have created an apathetic monster.

Course they got lots to complain about, like migrants taking their jobs - not that they are racist. After all Tracy got a brown baby off of one of the illegal taxi drivers can't get more multicultural than that. 

The lack of benefits, their sick claim being disallowed just cos they was doing a few nights work on the side.

Sure the Polling Station is the very school they walk with the six kids each day and right next to the local JD Wetherspoon chav palace, but its the time innit.

An what with that nice Noel Edmonds on Deal or No Deal, Eastenders, Jeremy Kyle and Trisha Goddard the day is full of things to do. 

Mind what with Labour putting up the cost of fags an booze, callin em fat and blaming them for the cost of benefits they might just vote. Then again there is a really good film on SKY, when they get back from the bingo club, which is also next to the fucking polling station!

Course when they do vote they return the local backbench red rosette, who despite talking tough on benefit scroungers will boast on increasing aid to feral chavs single mothers an has said that the Tories will cut their kids benefits an leave them all in the workhouse. 

Not that they know what a workhouse is, its just the word work that scares the shit out of them.

3 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Chav to Chav, "I keep getting nagged an' stuff to vote. Stuff 'em i ait that rich Cowell git, dun i?"

Fidothedog said...

Yeah right, they want me to vote they should pay me....

Currently doing one one Labour eco loons.

The BNP Chronicle said...

Those families with a history of benefit lifestyle spanning generations will vote labour.

The chav matriarch of the swineherd will make sure they all get down the polling station, and you can't blame them, why should they bite the hand that supports them from cradle to grave and has ensured 3 generations don't have to get off the sette to feed the offspring and pay for the 42inch lcd tv.

The young chavs I know don't even know who the prime minister is, so Labour can't rely on that source of votes, hence the reliance on immigrants.

Panorama revealed that even illegals are voting and most of them are voting for Labour, what a surprise.

If Brown pulls off a Majoresque victory in 2010, I'll probably cry.