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Dr David Walker & Prof Roger Corder- Nanny state fuckwits.

Family doctor David Walker believes that chocolate is a "major player" in the problem of the country's expanding waistlines.
Taxing the treat would raise its profile as an unhealthy food which can contribute to weight-related conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and back pain, the Lanarkshire GP will tell doctors at a conference in Clydebank.
Is it, well fuck me like Lord Ahmed was in prison by several lags cocks. Had one of the "righteous" told me that I never would have worked that fucker out.
He said people are often eating more than half a day's worth of calories when they polish off a bag of chocolates in front of the television.
Dr Walker, based at Airdrie Health Centre, said: "I believe that chocolate is a major player in obesity and obesity-related conditions.
"What I'm trying to get across is that chocolate is sneaking under the radar of unhealthy foods.
"More than one person has said to me, 'oh, but isn't chocolate good for you?' but any benefits are more than outweighed by the detrimental effect of obesity.
Right an quite what the fuck has that got to do with you then Doc? 
"It's a case of anything in moderation and one or two squares, or perhaps one chocolate biscuit a day, is fine.
Freedom of choice matey. Fuck me, well why not call for rationing then Doc? After all its for the greater good, maybe the compulsory sterilisation of serial choc addicts. Then a few years later send them east to the camps.
"My point is that it is not unusual for a person to eat a 225g bag of something like Minstrels while watching their favourite soap opera, and that's just short of 1,200 calories - more than half the recommended daily intake for men and women".
Dr Walker will lead the debate at the BMA's annual conference of Scottish Local Medical Committees.
Again its all freedom of choice. But no the good Doc kno<span class=ws what is best for us:
He said the tax move would allow the government to send out the message it was serious about tackling obesity and the extra revenue could fund healthcare and sports facilities.
Oh come on, seriously are we not taxed enough already. Evidently not as this puritanical fucker is scared that someone somewhere may be eating one biscuit above their quota.
Dr Walker said: "I would say the government taxing chocolate would not solve the obesity crisis but it might slow the rate of increase of the obesity graph.
Right so you actually admit in the above statement that taxing would not resolve the obesity crisis.
"It would be a brave government to do it, but I think it would show a signal of intent that they really are serious about tackling obesity and foods that are potentially damaging to health.
"Chocolate is no longer seen as a special treat as it was in the past. It is intensely calorific without producing a feeling of satiety."
A brave thing to do? No you fucking tedious cunt, the brave thing to do would be for HM Govt to tell you and all the other tedious nannying cunts like you to piss up a fucking rope. Sadly we have a socialist nanny state run by cunts like Dr Walker, who get boners at the thought of telling the masses what to do.

I seriously hope you die from face cancer Dr Walker. 

Couple of updates here, first off according to The BBC, his motion was defeated in a vote by Doctors by 2 votes:
Dr David Walker, a GP in Lanarkshire, warned that chocolate had lost its status as a "treat" and had become a harmful addition for some people.

However, his motion calling for a tax on chocolate was defeated by two votes at a BMA conference in Clydebank.

He said he was "disappointed" but glad his suggestion had provoked debate.

But watch out with have another weapons grade bellend spouting forth on how the state should be taxing for our own good. I have said it before, with well over 100+ stealth taxes our mono eye'd PM needs no help from the medical profession.

Professor Roger Corder of The London School of Medicine said Walker was concentrating on the wrong problem. "Targetting chocolate is misguided. If we targeted sugar, you'd capture all unhealthy foods," he told the BBC. 

Look get back to curing the sick, complain about the old folk dying in unclean hospitals, MRSA, AIDS, C-Diff and all the other real ills affecting people. 

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