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Life in Gordon Brown's "Cool Britannia"

Pensioner wins fight with local council over bins.
And in recent times Jenny Mapson has been only too happy to separate her waste into paper, tins and plastic to help the environment.

But when the council tried to force the frail 97-year-old to use two wheelie bins that were almost as big as her, she knew the time had come to put her foot down.
About time the little Hitlers in local councils realised who works for who.

Anyone who leaves their house empty for six months or more should face the threat of losing it, ministers said yesterday.

They told town halls to pressure homeowners to sell up or rent out homes where no one is living.

Those who fail to get a house occupied before the deadline risk having it seized by their local authority and used to house council tenants.

The campaign to force homeowners to dispose of empty houses was launched by housing minister Margaret Beckett, who said the slowdown in construction of homes means empty ones must be used.
So much for the concept of private property?!
Holidaymakers have been warned to expect long delays at airports after the Home Office chose to bring in a security system at one of the busiest times of year.

Travel firms said any unresolved problems with the e-Borders database, which electronically checks passengers coming in and out of Britain, could hold up check-ins and flights.

The £1.2billion database was supposed to come in last October, but delays mean it will be imposed when millions are heading off on Easter breaks.
'Elf an safety closes outdoor pool if it rains...For those hardy souls who enjoy an outdoor dip, a little extra water seems unlikely to be a major deterrent. 
But the threat of a spot of rain - when combined with the implacable nature of 'elf and safety regulations - look like succeeding where the cold and the wind have failed.

Swimmers at one outdoor pool have been warned they may be banned from taking a dip whenever the heavens open.

The bizarre measure came to light at the popular London Fields Lido in Hackney, East London, during a brief burst of rain.
Who can blame them not wanting to talk to Cyclops?
He has a reputation for being the archetypal senior civil servant professional, unflappable, and, above all, discreet.

But Sir Gus O'Donnell risked sparking a transatlantic tiff today with an imprudent remark about Downing Street's relations with the White House.

The head of the civil service, Sir Gus said the handover to President Barack Obama's administration was severely hindering preparations for next month's G20 summit.

In an extraordinary blunder, the usually-guarded Sir Gus said no-one in the U.S. Treasury department was answering telephone calls.
Will the last person with common sense, please turn out the lights when they leave the UK. Then the eco loons can go on about how its going to stop global warming and the moslems can sulk in the dark and blame the Jews.

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