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Royal Anglian Parade through Luton, 10/03/09, Muzzie scum protesters get hauled off.

Should have let the crown lynch the fuckers.

From the Daily Mail.Twice in two years they have fought in Iraq. Twelve of their regimental comrades paid the ultimate price there and in Afghanistan.
Over the past two years they have spent day after day patrolling hostile territory, where every passer-by could have a gun or a bomb.

So the 200 men of the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment perhaps had a right to expect a heroes’ welcome yesterday on a homecoming parade through Luton.
Our brave troops march through Muzzie infected Luton.
Not all Brits hate the troops(above) as police have to step in to protect the savages right to protest.
Fresh from a hard days jihad or signing on for ever more benefits; protesters spout hate.
Oh the irony, they fly planes into buildings, slaughter children in Beslan, blow up nightclubs in Bali, killing passengers in Moscow, Madrid an London and have the nerve to call others terrorists?
A brave warrior of jihad hides behind a police line, fresh from signing on. I wonder if the real coward our worthless expense fiddling, bovine faced Jacqui Smith will condemn this? Or does she just consider those who speak the truth on moslem barbarism like Geert Wilders to be the danger to society?
Above we see yet another well assimilated member of the peace loving moslem community engaging in what Jacqui Smith laughingly calls "Anti-Islamic activity.
Above we see the daleks of death.
Thankfully there still are civilized people here in the UK amongst the millions of unwashed, semi literate barbarians imported by New Labour.

On a related note, we pay to house these barbarians:From the Daily Star
Nearly 600,000 properties have been needed to house immigrants since 1997 - three times the amount required under the last Tory Government. On average, 19,000 new homes were needed for migrants each year from 1992 to 1997.

I for one would imagine that a great many of these houses are accommodating "asylum seekers" -what should be called illegal migrants - and this is set to get worse...
Come to New Labour's "Cool Britannia", be housed, marry as many wives as you like, get lots of benefits then if your bored have a fun day out abusing the natives.

5 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

According to the BBC last night, it was two people who made the protest and only two were arrested.

Why weren't they all?

Houdini said...

Watched the video and they didn't get hauled off because of what they did, but to protect them, which is as bad as it gets.

Fidothedog said...

True, shame the troops could not give them some cold steel.

Sue said...

Did you see the interview on GMTV this morning. Its on my blog.
Anjem choudary

Fidothedog said...

Oh yes, saw the odious little man on there being given air time to wage jihad.

Will be covering him again...