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Life in the one eyed Scottish idiots Cool Britannia.-

First up paying the dead...BUNGLING government officials forked out a staggering £73 MILLION in benefits to DEAD people last year.
The biggest gaffe by the blundering Department for Work and Pensions was shelling out £40 million in state pension to thousands AFTER they passed away.

Astonishing new statistics from the National Audit Office reveal DWP staff then had to contact grieving relatives in a bid to claw back the cash.

The fiasco makes a mockery of Work and Pensions minister James Purnell’s vow to crack down on overpayments.

Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Theresa May said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous that while thousands struggling on low incomes are missing out on the benefits they’re entitled to, the government is paying out millions each year to dead people.
Mad snot gobbler throws a tantrum an claims some big boys caused the recession.
The full depth of Gordon Brown’s anger over suggestions that he should apologise for the recession was laid bare in extraordinary scenes on the Prime Minister’s plane last week, 30,000 feet over the Atlantic.

In recent weeks, Mr Brown has been under growing pressure from fellow Ministers, including Peter Mandelson, Alistair Darling and Ed Balls, who fear his refusal to say sorry could hinder the Government’s chances of winning public support for his economic recovery plan.

All three have urged him in fierce behind-the-scenes talks to admit that the Government – and Mr Brown himself, as Chancellor for ten years – have made mistakes.
With its four-poster beds, his and hers baths and outdoor hot-tubs, the luxurious South Lodge Hotel normally markets itself as the perfect place for romantic nights away.

But next weekend the 89-room Jacobean-style mansion and its 93-acre grounds will be turned into a fortress to guard the world’s top financial leaders meeting for a controversial summit.

The hotel, deep in the Sussex countryside, will play host to the discussions which will shape how they react to the global financial crisis.
The taxpayer is fiscally raped yet again...
He is the Cabinet enforcer who demands his espresso at 3pm on the dot and orders his officials to speak in plain English just as they would 'in the pub'.

But Cabinet Office Minister Liam Byrne's new blueprint to spend up to £1million a year of taxpayers' money on a pre-Election Government publicity offensive is a masterpiece of gobbledegook and jargon....

But a bizarre new Byrne memo shows he is the last person to give lectures on plain English.

In it, Mr Byrne reveals his plan to recruit an army of Labour spin doctors - alongside an incomprehensible chart that is like a cross between the opening sequence of the television comedy classic Dad's Army and a dictionary for management consultants - Mr Byrne's former career.

Strewn with arrows pointing in different directions and jargon such as 'messaging narrative' and 'audience segments', the diagram sets out how a 'regional communications hub' will co-ordinate Government publicity across the English regions. It will liaise with a new 'economy comms group' of the major ministries.

The new 'hub' could involve the recruitment of 21 new Press staff, including three officials to provide 'communication briefing and support for CRM' - Labour's 'council of regional ministers' which is led by Mr Byrne.
A prominent Left-wing think-tank was yesterday accused of censoring one of its own surveys which showed that Labour Party members do not like Harriet Harman and support plans to curb welfare scroungers.

A report of a poll commissioned by the Compass group and published in the Labour-supporting Guardian newspaper last week said party members ‘roundly rejected’ plans by Business Secretary Peter Mandelson to part-privatise Royal Mail by three to one.

But it made no mention of what appeared to be the main findings of the YouGov survey – the popularity of senior Cabinet Ministers among Labour Party members.

The full version of the poll shows that Ms Harman, accused of blocking the Royal Mail sell-off, is less popular than Lord Mandelson or other senior Ministers who back the measure.
Deputy leader Ms Harman came fifth out of six in the Labour ‘beauty contest’. Only Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who is currently under fire over expenses claims, was less popular.
Ms Harman’s approval rating of 58 per cent among Labour members was way behind Gordon Brown on 77, Foreign Secretary David Miliband on 74, Chancellor Alistair Darling on 73 and Lord Mandelson on 62.

More than one in three Labour members think she is doing badly.
Whilst everyone else thinks she is a smug patronising cunt.
Comments on the fat self serving pig of a Speaker Michael Martin removed...A Tory MP has been banned from criticising Speaker Michael Martin in an all-party Parliamentary journal.
Douglas Carswell, who has led calls for Mr Martin to quit, used an interview with the Commons’ House magazine, which is edited by MPs themselves, to explain why he believes the Speaker must go.

But when the article about Harwich MP Mr Carswell was published, his comments about Mr Martin had been deleted.

‘When I was asked what I thought of him, I said that he’s not up to the job and needs to be replaced by someone who is,’ said Mr Carswell.

‘Yet, when the article was published, it was censored.’
Labour MP Gisela Stuart, a member of the magazine’s board, said it could not be used for ‘personal campaigns’.
Just as well I can call the fat cunt a self serving sack of shit who pisses tax payers money away, does fuck all of use an takes his fat fucking wife on state funded jollys, the cunt.

3 people have spoken:

Sue said...

Do you think we'll all look back on these blogs in 20 years time in utter disbelief?

I'm gobsmacked every morning about something!

You really couldn't make this stuff up even if you were a literary genius!

Fidothedog said...

Sue I wish it were fiction, but a quick trawl of the papers finds more stuff than I could ever cover if I had 24/7 to report on their stupidity.

John A Thomson said...

No wonder Harriet Harperson is so unpopular. Did anyone see her performance on The Politics Show? She couldn't give a straight answer, couldn't or wouldn't understand the equality issues being put to her, was evasive and couldn't bring herself to admit to the many mistakes she's made the last few weeks.

I get the feeling she would like to see woman being the more equal pigs! She didn't look or speak like someone who was after true equality on the issues being discussed.

I hope she gets to be the next Labour leader as she will ensure they are unelectable for a long time to come.