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More twatfuckery legislation: Lowering speed limits. Jim Fitzpatrick MP(Labour) hates motorists.

Here we go again.
THE government is to cut the national speed limit from 60mph to 50mph on most of Britain’s roads, enforced by a new generation of average speed cameras.
**Oh yes, more speed cameras manned by PCSO style cuntmonkeys.

The reduction , to be imposed as early as next year, will affect two thirds of the country’s road network. Drivers will still be able to reach 70mph on motorways and dual carriageways and 60mph on the safest A roads.

Jim Fitzpatrick, the roads minister, defended the plan, which will be the most dramatic cut since 1978, when the national speed limit was reduced from 70mph to 60mph.

New research by the Department for Transport has found that reducing the speed limit could save 200-250 lives a year and also reduce carbon emissions...

Britain’s roads were the safest in the world until 2001, relative to its population, but have since fallen into sixth place behind countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. Some challenge that statistic because of the disparity of the countries’ sizes.
Could save lives, could save some Peruvian fucking whelk through sodding carbon emmisions, anything. Any fucking excuse to ban, nag and push around the people yet again.

The new 50mph limit is intended to reduce the high death toll on rural roads, where, in 2007, 69% of car crash fatalities took place. It will apply to single carriage A, B and C roads. Local authorities will have the power to raise the limit to 60mph on the safest roads, but will have to justify it.
So they get to reduce limits but should someone argue to raise it, they have to justify to cocksniffers in government the reasons why. Jim Fitzpatrick should go play in the fucking traffic. Whats more this cocksniffer claims that the vast majority of motorists are in favour of it. Really? Fucking sure about that matey boy? 

Go on hold a vote, not with your fellow cocksniffers in The Commons but ask the people, dare you. Fucking double fucking dare you, as your yellow expense fiddling MP's in Labour hate the plebs getting a vote.

Oh an I dont mean getting approving comments from the paid for voices of fake charities. Like some from the fakecharities site, which your government spunk our money on knowing they will be good nodding donkeys when you need them. I refer to:
Plus he has done fuck all in fighting Euro wank laws on dipped headlights the cunt.
Oh an the cunt has a problem with people smoking in cars.
This cuntmonkey also voted to cover hup MP's from freedom of information requests.

Plus he voted for ID cards being an authoritarian cuntmonkey.  Lastly an by no fucking means least, in the year 2006/07 we paid  Jimmy £110,307  in expense. Nice work for being a cuntmonkey.

5 people have spoken:

John A Thomson said...

Now hold on a minute... there is already an e-Petition for reducing the national speed limit and this one is pretty close to the proposal by Nu Layburr! Shame only 7 people think it is a good idea.

Think I'll raise an e-Petition for the scapping of this nanny state idea.

Fidothedog said...

I'd sign that one. Although a petition to have them all hung up from piano wire by a baying mob of overtaxed citizens would be a better one.

Basil Brown said...

The Fake Charity & Fake Consultation scam is endemic amongst the political class. Oxfordshire County Council are at it as well.

Fidothedog said...

Basil this nation has an infestation of eco loons, moonbats and brothers with their pet causes. We need a mass hanging party.

Basil Brown said...

Speaking of Moonbats... If ya wanna get really off-the-scale vein-pulsing angry, have a wee listen to Pravda 4's afternoon play from earlier. About 15 minutes into this ... erm... environmental infotainment and I had to pull over in my car, lest a passing plod nick me for shouting at the radio whilst driving.

Jaw-dropping moron-level propaganda and so bad I thought it must be a parody. This impression did not last long. George Moonbat heavily-involved, as is an astonishingly patronising portrait of the Family "Average", as they are given a carbon-reducing makeover by the real Moonbat and his chums.

This was produced for what Pravda like to think their "intelligent" audience.