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Life in the Soviet Rep. of Cool Britannia.

DNA of baby on national database.
Jacqui Smith was embroiled in another row over the Big Brother state last night after admitting that a baby had its DNA recorded on the national database.

The Home Secretary said the child was aged under one at the time its profile was taken by police and stored.

Liberal Democrat spokesman Chris Huhne said: 'It is illegal, immoral and ineffective to keep the DNA of a baby on a national police database as if they had committed some felony.'

The controversial database contains 4.5million samples, including more than 600,000 taken from innocent people. Normally, DNA is taken using a swab inside the mouth.

Changes to the law forced through by Labour have allowed the police to take samples as soon as a person is arrested, then keep it permanently even if they are later cleared of wrongdoing.
Just in case an all that, nothing to hide and all that.

Migrants from Eastern Europe are taking jobs Britons are 'unable or unwilling' to fill, Lord Mandelson said last night.

Defending Labour's lack of restrictions on arrivals from the old Eastern Bloc, the Business Secretary insisted that workers from new EU countries have had no 'discernible impact' on British wages or employment.

His intervention risks reopening the row over the Government's failure to implement Gordon Brown's pledge of 'British jobs for British workers', although critics said this would have been illegal under EU law.
Cardboard police.
His gaze never wavers as he stands on guard in the charity shop - the ultimate deterrent to thieves.

And he never needs to take a break for a sandwich or a call of nature.

Making his debut in the retail outlets of Redcar yesterday was the latest recruit to the war on crime - the cardboard copper.
And its better value for money that the worthless Police Community Support Officers.
Aa many as 947,000 illegal immigrants could be living in Britain, more than double a previous Home Office estimate.

A study by the London School of Economics found evidence of a massive surge in the illegal population since 2001.

Their estimate includes hundreds of thousands of failed asylum seekers, visa overstayers and children born to illegal immigrant parents.
Roll up, roll up for New Labour benefits. All thanks to the working folk of the UK.

New Labour fail on care for the elderly...The full horror of conditions in England's dirtiest care homes has been revealed.
Watchdogs found that 169 care homes – one in 60 – had 'major failings' on hygiene and cleanliness.

This meant they were squalid and had a shoddy attitude to infection control.

MPs and campaigners said thousands of elderly people risked serious illness and discomfort as they were forced to 'live in filth'. Conditions in some of the homes 'verged on abuse', they said.

Details of how residential and nursing homes were failing to meet the most basic standards of cleanliness are revealed in a dossier compiled by the Liberal Democrats.

It was put together following Freedom of Information requests to the Commission for Social Care Inspection, the Government's care home watchdog.

Its inspectors ruled that 169 of the 10,377 care homes for elderly people in England had 'major failings' on the key benchmark of a residence being 'clean, pleasant and hygienic'.
1000 on waiting list for one dentist...The parlous state of NHS dentistry under Labour was exposed last night after it was revealed 1,000 people in a village ended up on a waiting list for a dentist.
Nearly one in ten of the 11,500-strong population of Tadley were forced to wait after a single NHS practice opened in the Hampshire village.

Their alternatives were paying privately, travelling miles to another NHS dentist - or going without treatment.

Local councillor Nigel Quelch said: 'When I phoned, they said they had a waiting list of 1,000. It shows what a huge demand there is for Health Service dentistry.

'But we're very grateful to the dentist for opening in Tadley.'

In 1999, Tony Blair promised that within two years everyone would have access to an NHS dentist.
Jihadists on the dole...Four members of a British terrorist cell were jailed yesterday for supplying terrorists fighting in Afghanistan with equipment bought with dole money and donations given to help earthquake victims.
They sent out laser range-finders, night sights, blank DVDs for suicide bombers to record their wills - and even balaclavas from Lidl.

Mohammed Nadim, 29, was sentenced to three years and Shahid Ali, 34, and Shabir Mohammed, 30, each received two years and four months.
So guess whats happening to all those donations the foolish are making to Palistinians...

Patients left to starve in NHS...More than 8,000 patients left hospital last year after becoming malnourished while under NHS care.
Despite ministers' promises, this total was a 16.5 per cent increase on the previous year - and more than double the number when Labour came to power.

Critics said it was shameful the NHS was sending patients home in worse condition than before treatment.

Last year 148,946 were admitted to hospital suffering from malnutrition or another severe nutritional deficiency, but 157,175 were discharged with the same condition.

It means 8,229 people arrived without nutrition problems but left hospital malnourished.

The Daily Mail's Dignity for the Elderly Campaign has highlighted the scandal of old people not being fed properly in hospital.
The NHS is safe in their hands as they claims? Bollocks.

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