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Muzzie protester & baggage handler has pass removed: Jalal Ahmed.

Potential Muzzie terrorist(like this peacefull lot in the photo) at Luton airport has security pass removed after abusing troops...A Muzzie extremist who works as a baggage handler at Luton Airport had his security pass suspended today after it was revealed he took part in a protest hurling abuse at British troops. 

Jalal Ahmed was among the 20-strong group of extremists protesting when the Royal Anglian Regiment returned home from Iraq earlier this week.

During their homecoming parade, he was spotted clutching a banner proclaiming: 'Anglian soldiers: Butchers of Basra'.

After he was revealed to be part of the hate-filled demonstration, his pass allowing him to go airside and work at the airport was revoked. 

Oh he also made a few porkies with regards what happend that day, he admitted being at the parade but claimed that he did not jeer and was not holdinfg a placard!


Just as well he was suspended, who knows when this barbarian member of the Muzzie fifth column would have planted a bomb on an airplane full of infidels in the name of "Holy Jihad". 

Who knows he might even lie about it afterwards...

2 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

hate-filled demonstration,

Hmmm, the coppers only arrested two people that day...and they were supporters of the troops who told the muslim fuckers to fuck off back to where they came from. I blame the coppers, I truly do and hate the cunts now. Only through the deliberate and calculating collusion of the police, from top to bottom, can these fuckers exist and be allowed to do what they do.

What's with the fucking frocks then?

Fidothedog said...

Fuckers are still in their nightclothes.