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New Labour champagne socialism: 30 champagne swilling Labour scum MP's employ relatives.

Here we fucking go again...Nearly 30 members of the Government employ their family at the taxpayer's expense, it has been revealed. 

They include four Cabinet members who are using public funds to pay for their spouses, partners or children to be on their staff.

Among the claimants are Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, housing minister Margaret Beckett, Europe minister Caroline Flint, children's minister Beverley Hughes and Environment Secretary Hilary Benn, who all attend Cabinet, the London Evening Standard reported.

Armed forces minister Bob Ainsworth, transport minister Paul Clark, defence minister Quentin Davies, environment minister Jane Kennedy, education minister Sarah McCarthy-Fry, foreign office minister Bill Rammell, Cabinet Office minister-Tom Watson, work and pensions minister Jonathan Shaw, overseas aid minister Michael Foster and communities minister Iain Wright also have their spouses or other relatives working for them.

Salaries for parliamentary office staff range from £13,500 to just over £40,000.
Deputy chief whip Tommy McAvoy is among eight members of the Government's whips office who employ family members, as do at least five parliamentary private secretaries.

There is no suggestion that any of the MPs have broken any parliamentary rules on employing family members, many of whom work long hours during the week and at weekends. .

Of course an should you believe that, you no doubt believe that pigs can fly, that spending more on debt can get you out of recession and that one eye'd Gordon Brown has fucking great depth perception.

Oh and who tells us they "work long hours during the week and at weekends", well their wives, husbands/assorted relatives who are champagne swilling New Labour scum MP's, thats who. 

Do we believe them? Do we fuck as like!

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